Get it home, today!

GoGet on-site at IKEA.

GoGet and IKEA are good friends, and we’ve joined forces to make the IKEA experience even easier.

To use GoGet vans on-site at IKEA, sign up here, and pick up your member pack and smartcard from IKEA or have it posted to you. With immediate access to GoGet vans, you can get your purchases home the day you buy them, no matter how big they are. IKEA FAMILY members even get free sign-up to our GoStarter plan.

Join Free

Existing GoGet members can find vans in their street here, or book the vans at IKEA online, just like any other vehicle.

If you’re driving to IKEA and picking up a GoGet van from there, you can use dedicated parking to store your car while you’re gone. For ideas of how to take advantage of the return trip, see our Returning to IKEA page – or let us know your ideas on Facebook!

Can I drive GoGet?

All our vehicles are automatic, and most of GoGet vans have reverse cameras or sensors to help you drive them. To join, we need you to be over 18 and have at least 12 months driving experience, but you can be on your P plates. You mustn’t have had any serious driving offenses in the past 5 years.

How much does it cost?

How much it costs to join and use GoGet depends on which plan you choose. GoStarter is our plan for once-off and very occasional usage. A van on this plan costs $14.35 per hour plus $0.40 per kilometre, or $91 per day including 150km. A credit card preauthorisation of $500 is held for 2 weeks when you make a booking.

GoFrequent and GoOccasional have cheaper rates, and are suitable for more frequent use. The rates for these plans are laid out on our rates page.