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Have a question about how GoGet works? Here is a selection of common questions we get.

If your question isn’t answered here, check out our Help Centre.

A GoGet stat

1.3 years
Average age of a GoGet car



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How do I book a car on the daily rate?

The daily rate is a cap for any trip up to 24 hours, in any 24 hour period. The rate includes 150 free kilometres.

To make a booking on the daily rate online, click on any available timeslot for the car you wish to book. On the next page, select the specific time you want your booking to start and choose the same time the next day to finish, eg 0800hrs on Tuesday to 0800hrs on Wednesday.

Our system will do the maths for you – if you make a booking for less than 24 hours but it would have cost more on the hourly rate, our system will convert your booking to be charged at the cheapest rate. This will be reflected on your monthly activity report.

For example, if you book a car for 12 hours at $8.45 per hour, you will automatically be charged the day rate, which includes 150kms free.

How do I book a car overnight?

When making a booking online, click on any available timeslot for the car you wish to book. On the next page, select the specific times you want your booking to start and finish.

There are no hourly booking charges between midnight and 6am, however the kilometre rate still applies.

Can I make a booking for another city?

GoGet members can use any of our GoGet cars in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, so remember to pack your GoGet swipe card for your next trip!

Will a car be available when I need one?

GoGet uses the latest fleet management techniques to balance the needs of different users to make sure there is always a car within walking distance of your location.

Many of our pods have two or more vehicles to help minimise the chance of all vehicles being used simultaneously.

In practice, if a car is booked out often, we will add another car to the pod!

What’s the longest time I can book a car for?

There’s no limit on how long you can take a car. Once you have a car booked, you can make changes to it up to 48hrs before the booking starts.

If you need an economy car (eg Yaris, Corolla or i30) for three days or more, give us a ring and we will arrange a long term booking rate.

What’s the shortest time I can book a car for?

1 hour, booked in hourly blocks.

How far in advance can I book a car?

The cars can be booked anywhere from ten minutes to a year in advance.

How do I book a car?

You can book a car through our internet or mobile booking system or call 1300 769 389 and press 3 to make a booking through our automated telephone booking system any time, day or night. Otherwise, you can call us on 1300 769 389 during business hours and our staff can help you book over the phone.

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Picking up and returning your car

Picking up and returning your car

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What if the dedicated pod is filled by another vehicle?

If you cannot park in the usual place, please park in the nearest legal and unmetered parking space you can find and send a text with the name and location of the car to 0427 777 769 so we can let the next member know where to find the car. You can also call us and leave a message.

Most of our cars have residential parking permits so you can park in permit-accepted areas – just check the windscreen for a permit.

Where are the cars located?

Our cars are located in parking spots or parking lots in well-lit areas and are close to public transport throughout Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.

To see a full list of where our cars are located, please click here

Can I make a one-way trip?

GoGet cars are for round-trips only. You’ll need to return the car back to its dedicated parking spot at the end of your booking.

What happens if I’m running late?

GoGet has a five minute grace period, but if you’re running more than five minutes late please extend your booking.

If another member has a booking after you, let GoGet know as soon as possible on 1300 769 389. We will do our best to make other arrangements for the following member, but if you are late, you may have to pay a late fee and an inconvenience fee to the following member.

Where are the keys?

The ignition key is located on a retractable cord below the steering column. (Tip for car thieves: The car won’t start without a smart card!)

You must use your smartcard throughout your booking to unlock and lock the doors – the keys always remain inside the car!

How do I get into the cars?

When your application is approved, we’ll send you a unique GoGet smart card.

When you arrive at the car at the start of your booking, just hold your card over the card reader located on the windscreen of the car. The doors will open and you’re ready to go.

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Fuel, tolls, maintenance and repairs

Fuel, tolls, maintenance and repairs

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Do you have roadside assistance?

Whether you’re locked out or have a flat tyre, we have a 24 hour emergency line and can arrange roadside assistance to get you on your way again if needed! (Please note you may be charged a call-out fee if you require assistance for an emergency that GoGet is not responsible for eg getting bogged, damage, flat tyre.)

Who pays for tolls?

All GoGet cars come with e-tags, so if you go through a toll, we’ll just pop it on your monthly invoice.

Who pays for petrol?

GoGet does! You don’t have to pay for petrol but if the petrol gets to less than a quarter, please fill it up before you drop off the car using the fuel card in the vehicle.
As a guide, members fill up about once every 20 trips.

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Accidents and Damage

Accidents and Damage

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How does the insurance work?

A GoGet car is just like a normal car when it comes to insurance.

GoGet’s fleet damage cover policy covers you while you are driving our cars.

If you cause an accident, you or organisation will have to pay up to $1500 (if you are 25 years of age and over), or $2000 (if you are between 21 and 25 years of age), or $3000 (if you are under 21 years of age) for damage caused to the GoGet car or other vehicles.

You may choose to reduce your damage cover liability to $300, which costs $1.50 per hour with a minimum of $5 per booking and a maximum of $18 per 24 hour booking. You cannot reduce your damage cover liability if you are under 21.

What if I find damage on the car?

When you arrive at your car for your booking, please do a quick check for any damage before driving. Each car has a Damage Report sheet in the glove box for damage to be recorded. If you notice damage to the car that seems to be new and is not already noted on the sheet, or doesn’t have a report number, call GoGet on 1300 769 389 to report it straight away. That way, we have a record of when you reported the damage and can arrange repairs as soon as possible, if necessary.

Members should inspect each car before using it and report any damage – otherwise you may be held liable for any unreported damage.

What if I get in an accident?

If you are in an accident, call GoGet straight away on 1300 769 389 – if it’s outside business hours, just put in your membership number and password to speak to our emergency operator. You must also report the accident to police and get a police report number if:

  • Any car has to be towed away
  • Either driver failed to give details to the other
  • Someone was injured
  • You suspect drugs or alcohol were involved

Each GoGet car contains a “Collision or Damage Report” form in the car’s logbook.  Fill this out with as much information as you can, including the names and addresses of any third parties or witnesses who could give information. You will also have to give a written description of the accident and the damage.

Following an accident, GoGet will deduct the damage cover from your credit card immediately. Once our insurers have investigated the damage, you will be refunded if you are deemed to be not at fault. You will not normally have to pay more than the damage cover.  However, if for some reason GoGet’s damage cover policy does not cover the damage (for instance, because you have driven while affected by alcohol) you may have to pay the full cost of car repair or replacement and for claims made by other people in the accident.

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What is a pre-authorisation?

A pre-authorisation on your credit card freezes funds on your card for the amount of the pre-authorisation ($500). For example, if you have a limit of $2,000, and GoGet does a pre-authorisation for $500, you will only have $1,500 of credit remaining until the pre-authorisation is lifted.

A pre-authorisation is valid for two weeks. When you first sign up and then each time you book a car, we will automatically check to see if your pre-authorisation is still valid. If more than two weeks have passed since your last pre-authorisation, we will automatically do a pre-authorisation for $500. That means that if you haven’t booked a car for a while, you must make sure you have $500 available on your card to be able to book a GoGet car.

The pre-authorisation only applies to the GoStarter membership. If you wish to upgrade to a cheaper plan and save more money, you must choose a cheaper monthly plan that includes a security deposit.

How do I update my payment details?

To update your credit card details, just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the booking system
  2. Click on the tab towards the top right, “My Account”
  3. Change your credit card information on this page.

If you don’t see the option to update your credit card details here, you may not be the primary account holder. Only primary account holders can update payment details.

If you’re having any trouble, don’t hesitate to give us a ring on 1300 769 389.

How do I pay?

We’ll ask you for your credit card details when you apply. Your card will be charged any application fee, membership fees or security deposit that might apply depending on what plan you selected.

And at the end of every month, we’ll email you an activity statement. This will itemise each booking, including the duration and the kms travelled, plus any tolls that might apply.

A week after the activity statements are sent out we will charge your credit card for the total amount for the month.

Are there any other charges?

Car sharing works best when members are considerate of one another and follow our member guidelines. Members who do not follow these rules can be subject to fines for things such as:

  • Returning a care late and inconveniencing another member: $50 ($25 goes to the inconvenienced member as a credit on their account)
  • Smoking in the car: $80 plus cleaning costs
  • Flattening the battery by leaving lights on or key in the ignition at the end of the booking, inconveniencing another member: $95 ($25 goes to the inconvenienced member)
  • Returning the car with less than ¼ tank of petrol: $25 if the next member says they were inconvenienced.  The charge goes directly to the inconvenienced member as a credit.

We really don’t like to penalise our members, but we do need to keep the service fair for all members.

There are also certain credits available – as outlined in the member manual.

How much does it cost?

All our plans include a low hourly rate and small km charge.

Please check our rates page for up-to-date pricing.

GoGet will save you money if you drive less than 10,000km per year.

We’ve found our members think GoGet cars are:

  • Cheaper than owning their own car
  • Cheaper than renting a car for short trips
  • About the same price or cheaper than renting a car for long trips
  • More convenient than all of the above.
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Any special deals for businesses or organisations?

Businesses and organisations can join our goQuickStart plan – $6.35 per hour plus 40c per km.

And as long as your organisation has five or more employees, there are:

  • No application fees
  • No monthly membership fees
  • No limit on the number of drivers you may have on your account

For businesses with four or less staff, your organisation can register for the goBusiness plan. To find out more, check out our rates page.

Do you offer household or family memberships?

On our GoOccasional and GoFrequent plans you can have extra drivers on the same account without needing to pay extra membership fees or to provide another security deposit.*

GoOccasional – have up to 2 drivers.

GoFrequent – have up to 3 drivers.

*A once-off $25 application fee applies for each additional driver.

I have a learners driver’s license. Can I still join?

Yes, you can! But only as an additional driver on an existing member’s account.

The existing member must be on GoFrequent or GoOccasional, and have been with GoGet for over 12 months. Learners can only drive selected Learner-Friendly cars, and there are some other conditions.

For information about adding drivers on their L plates or first year red P-platers, please see our Learners Page.

I have a foreign driver’s license. Can I still join?

Yes, GoGet accepts international driving licences. Simply send a copy of your licence by email (admin at goget dot com dot au), or post (PO Box 635 Glebe NSW 2037).

If your license is not in English, we will also need a copy of the English translation.

You will still need to reach the usual requirements of having at least 2 years driving experience and be 18 years of age or over.

How do I apply?

You can apply online here. We’ll then send you a member pack.

It takes only five to ten minutes to complete an application form.

How long does it take to become a member?

It takes about five minutes to complete the application to become a GoGet member. We then process your application, and post your member pack out to you. Your member pack contains your smartcard, so you’ll need that before you can start driving.

If you need to start driving immediately, sign up online now, then visit an eligible newsagent or an IKEA store to pick up your member pack in person. Otherwise, wait 2-3 days for your pack to arrive in the post. There are some other options to get you going quickly, so give us a call on 1300 769 389 if you’re stuck.

Who can become a GoGet member?

Members must be at least 18 years old and have held a driver’s licence for a minimum of two years. (That means, in NSW, green P-plates are OK by us.)

In addition, you must have had no major driving convictions recorded against you in the last five years, for example, drink driving.

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About Our Cars

About Our Cars

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Are GoGet cars automatic or manual?

All GoGet cars are automatic.

Are there tow bars on the cars?

No, we don’t have tow bars on GoGet cars.  If you need to move something around, consider our vans or utes!

Which cars are pet-friendly?

Dogs and cats (and other pets) are only permitted in certain cars.

We have made a number of cars “pet friendly”. They include a pet hammock, lint rollers and alcohol wipes to help tidy up after your trip. Just tick the box for “pet friendly” in the booking system to find the closest pet friendly car to you.

If you need to transport a pet in a proper pet carrier or box, you can use any car, just ensure that there is no mess or fur left behind.

Drivers are responsible for any pet-related mes. There is a fine of $80 if we find you have left a car with pet hair.

Which cars come with roof racks?

We have permanently installed roof racks on a number of our Hyundai i30 Wagons and Toyota Corollas.

To find cars with roof racks, just tick the box for “roof racks” in the search filter in our booking system.

If you aren’t a member and would like to check on availability, just send us an email or give us a call and we can let you know where the closest car with roof racks is to your location.

Which cars come with baby seats?

We have placed child seats in a number of our Hyundai i30 Wagons, Toyota Corollas and RAV4s.

The seats can be made front or rear facing and suit little ones between 0-18kgs.

To find cars with baby seats, just tick the box for “child seat” in the search filter in our booking system to find the closet one near you.

If you aren’t a member and would like to check on availability, just send us an email or give us a call and we can let you know where you can find the closest car with a child seat.

What type of cars do you have?

We have new or near new cars designed for everyday use.

We select our vehicles with three primary factors in mind:

  • Usefulness
  • Safety
  • Fuel efficiency

Currently, we have 5 door hatchbacks, wagons, hybrids, people movers, utes, vans, SUVs and fun cars like Audis.

Some of our cars are equipped with child seats, roof racks or are designated as pet-friendly vehicles, so you always have access to what you need!

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Can I suspend my membership?

You can downgrade your account to the GoStarter plan at any time. This plan has a $49 annual fee to keep your account open, but you will receive your deposit back (your deposit is usually refunded in 10-14 business days), and allows you to remain an active member in case you ever need it again.

How do I downgrade or cancel my membership?

If you aren’t using GoGet very much, are travelling overseas or relocating, you may wish to downgrade or cancel your membership.

Downgrading changes your account to our holding plan, which doesn’t have any ongoing fees – so it doesn’t cost anything if you aren’t using it, however your account’s still active if you need a car.

Cancelling your membership means you won’t be able to use GoGet cars unless you sign up again.

To downgrade or cancel your membership, fill in the Leaving GoGet form here.

How do I add another driver to my account?

On our GoOccasional and GoFrequent plans you can have extra drivers on the same account without needing to pay extra membership fees or to provide another security deposit.*

GoOccasional – have up to 2 drivers.

GoFrequent – have up to 3 drivers.

*A once-off $25 application fee applies for each additional driver.

To add an extra driver, sign in to your account and go to the “My Info” tab. Under “Account Info”, you’ll see a list of drivers on your account, with a link to add an extra driver. Clicking on this link will take you to the sign up form, which you can complete for the new member. If you don’t see the option to add an extra driver here, you may not be the primary account holder. Only primary account holders can add drivers.

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Can a member drive a GoGet car during another member’s booking?

Yes. If you’re on a trip with other GoGet members, you can all share the driving. Just remember to only use the GoGet smart card belonging to the member who made the booking. All charges relating to the trip will be applied to the account of the member who made the booking.

Can someone who is not a GoGet member drive a GoGet car?

No. Only GoGet members may drive GoGet vehicles.

What happens if I get a parking ticket or speeding fine?

If you receive a parking ticket while you have a car, please pay it as soon as possible. If we receive a penalty notice for a parking or speeding fine after your booking, we will fill out a statutory declaration to have the fine allocated to you. The fine will then be delivered to you in the mail. There is a $25 administration fee for processing a fine for which you’re responsible that will be added to your monthly invoice.

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