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In partnership with Darling Park, you’re eligible for 6 months free GoOccasional membership. This is one of our best available plans for personal use and you can have 2 total drivers! As you’re located in Darling Park, you will save $97 on your first 6 months of membership fees and have access to great low rates, starting from $9.30 an hour.

With GoGet, you can book cars on-site for a quick lunch break or around your home area for as little as one hour or multiple days. It’s the perfect way to travel for the weekly shop or a weekend away. Why worry about fuel, rego, insurance and all the other hassles of owning a car?

As a GoGet member, you’ll only pay for what you use and nothing else. To join, simply click the button below and complete the application. You can collect your member pack from one of our retailers or we can send it in the post.


$12 a month

Small Hatchback
$9.70/hr + $0.40/km
$81/day inc. 150km
Medium Hatchback
$10.70/hr + $0.40/km
$84/day inc. 150km
People Mover
$11.90/hr + $0.40/km
$118/day inc. 150km
$11.90/hr + $0.40/km
$93/day inc. 150km
$11.90/hr + $0.40/km
$93/day inc. 150km
$10.70/hr + $0.40/km
$84/day inc. 150km
BMW Convertible
$16.95/hr + $0.40/km
$140/day inc. 150km
$12.80/hr + $0.40/km
$104/day inc. 150km

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