Australia’s First Wheelchair Accessible Carshare Vehicle

Carshare for everyone

We’re very excited to introduce Philip the Carnival. Just like all our other KIA Carnivals, Philip can carry up to 8 people comfortably. But Philip isn’t your average people mover – he’s been modified for wheelchair access. Philip the Carnival is named after Philip Hojgaard-Olsen. Philip and his dad, Peter, approached us a year ago about getting wheelchair accessible vehicles into the GoGet fleet. We knew things were tough for people with disabilities, but Philip and Peter really drove home how tough and costly it is when it comes to things like accommodation, transport and equipment, and the impact these have on people’s lives. Philip and Peter inspired us and worked closely with us to see if we could help with the transport side of things, including helping us choose the right vehicle and the best modification for use by passengers in wheelchairs. We have also teamed up with Royal North Shore Hospital spinal cord injury outpatient service to provide a wheelchair accessible vehicle at the hospital. Philip the Carnival will be available for booking by all GoGet members, whether you require the use of the wheelchair lift or not.

Accessible Carshare

Our first pod is located at the Royal North Shore Hospital outside the Spinal Chord Injury Unit

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