“Alexa, book me a GoGet”

You can now book a GoGet with Alexa, the cloud-based voice service from Amazon. Yup, we’ve made it even easier to get around without owning a car! To book a hatchback, van, or convertible hands-free, just ask Alexa!

The use of home assistants is growing every day! By adding GoGet to Alexa’s skill set, we’re making car share even more convenient.

To book a GoGet with Alexa you’ll need two things. You’ll need to be a GoGet member – sign up on our GoFrequent plan with this link and we’ll waive your first month’s membership fee! You’ll also need an Alexa-enabled device from Amazon.

If you have an Alexa-enabled device and you’re a GoGet member, you’re all set! If you need an Alexa-enabled device, you can order one from Amazon.

The GoGet skill will work on any device in Amazon’s Echo range. That includes the original Echo, the Echo Plus (with a high end speaker), the compact Echo Dot, or the brand new Echo Spot with LED screen.


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How do I book a GoGet with Alexa?

It’s easy to book a GoGet with Alexa. Just follow these steps.

Enable the GoGet Alexa skill

Tell Alexa to “Open GoGet”, or search for “GoGet” in your phone’s Alexa app to find the the Alexa Skill page. Once you’ve enabled the skill, it will be enabled on your Amazon Echo device(s).

Link your GoGet account

In the Alexa app, use your GoGet member number and password to link your account. This way, Alexa will know which account to book cars on.

Say “Alexa, book me a GoGet”

Alexa will ask you a few follow-up questions to book the right car for you, before confirming the trip.

Happy GoGetting!


Need some help?

Why can’t I find the GoGet skill?

The GoGet skill is supported in Amazon’s Australia/New Zealand region. For information on how to update your device’s country settings or your Amazon profile, head to Alexa Device Support.

Which Amazon devices can I use the GoGet skill with?

GoGet’s Alexa skill is available on all Alexa enabled devices in Amazon’s Australian/New Zealand region. Learn more about Alexa and Alexa-enabled devices and how to manage your device’s country settings.

I’m having trouble with Alexa, what should I do?

For information on troubleshooting Amazon Echo Products or Alexa, head to the Amazon Echo Support Centre.

What can the GoGet skill do?

At the moment, Alexa can help you book a car near you, whether you need a Corolla, Van, or convertible. You can ask Alexa to book you a car with a certain feature as well, like roof racks or a baby seat.

You can book trips from as little as an hour, up to as long as you want. Alexa can also remind you about upcoming trips. Alexa isn’t a full replacement for the GoGet app yet. For now you’ll need to log on to the app to modify a booking, and for some other features.