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GoGet has partnered with the Australian National University to provide a convenient personal transport option to staff.

GoGet provides easy access to a variety of vehicles without the hassles of ownership and takes care of petrol, rego, insurance, repairs, and cleaning costs for a low hourly fee and kilometre cost.

In addition to the 20 GoGet vehicles parked on campus, you will have access to over 3,500 other GoGet cars, vans, SUV’s, luxury vehicles and people-movers strategically located around Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and airport locations. You just need to book a car, pick it up and drive. So whether you need to move into a new place, book a temporary vehicle while yours is serviced or attend a private appointment during work hours, GoGet has you covered.


$0 a month

Small Hatchback
$7.30/hr + $0.40/km
$81/day inc. 150km
Medium Hatchback
$8.30/hr + $0.40/km
$83/day inc. 150km
People Mover
$9.80/hr + $0.40/km
$111/day inc. 150km
$9.8/hr + $0.40/km
$95/day inc. 150km
$9.80/hr + $0.40/km
$95/day inc. 150km
BMW Convertible
$14/hr + $0.40/km
$130/day inc. 150km
$10.50/hr + $0.40/km
$104/day inc. 150km

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