Parking spaces and lock up garages have proven to be incredibly valuable in Inner City suburbs and significantly increase the price of a home, whether you’re renting or buying. If you’re finding that your car is gathering dust in favour of public transport, walking or even riding a bike, why not put your garage space to better use and save some money at the same time?repurpose your garage

Here are 10 ways to repurpose your garage if you ditch your car…

1. Rent It as A Parking Space 

Why pay for it to house your own car that you never drive when it can be housing someone’s car who will pay you for it? Secure garage spaces can rent for up to $400 per month in Australian capital cities. Can you imagine all of the extra things you’d get to do with that kind of cash in your pocket?

2. Rent It as A Pop-up Space 

Indie pop-ups have been taking Australia by storm and what better way to earn a little cash from your garage then renting it out to a small business for a day or two? There are even websites dedicated to showcasing your unique space to potential retailers.

3. Build A Home Gym 

Not only will you be saving money by ditching your car, turning your garage into a home gym lets you skip gym membership fees and you get the motivation of having a workout waiting for you at your doorstep.

4. Turn It into An Office 

So you’ve given up the 9 to 5 and get to work from home. By turning your garage into an office space, you’ll have no excuse not to have a productive day with distractions locked safely in the house and no need to spend big on a shared workspace.

5. Rent It as A Storage Space 

It’s not uncommon for city homes to go without any real kind of storage space so you’ll probably find a long line of people willing to pay you a weekly fee for storing things light sporting equipment, camping gear, tools and more in your garage.repurpose your garage

6. Expand Your Side Hustle

Housemates getting sick of your start-up taking over the lounge room? Whether you use the garage as a stock room for your online store or a workshop for your creative endeavours, you’ll quickly see your income grow when you give your side hustle the space it needs to reach it’s potential.

7. Create A Photo Studio 

A little bit of natural light and lick of white paint and you’re on your way to creating a photo studio. If you’re using it yourself, the dollars you’re saving on rental fees will quickly add up. If not, rent it out to up and comers who need a space to get product shots.

8. Empty the Spare Room to Rent It Out 

It’s easy to let clutter stack up in the spare room when a car is hogging space in the garage. With the car gone, you’ll be able to tidy up that second bedroom in your home and rent it out. Not only can you make a few hundred dollars each week, you may also get a great new friend out of it.

9. Turn It into A Workshop 

Weather you’re a skilled woodworker, jewellery maker or artist, your garage space could serve as the perfect workshop for you, or even someone you know, to create goods to be later sold to friends or at market places.

10. Use It for A Garage Sale

It’s fair to say that your car probably isn’t the only thing taking up your valuable space without getting used very often. With a free garage space, you can declutter your house or apartment and host a garage sale to make a little money off your unwanted items. Don’t be surprised if your neighbours offer you some cash to use the space for their own sale!

There are plenty of ways to repurpose your garage, so why not have some fun with it and make it a weekend activity! And if you need a van to help declutter or move things around – why not book a GoGet!