As we write this, it’s been 15 years since GoGet was founded in Sydney. It’s been an incredible journey for Australia’s largest GoGet car share network, and one that’s had a big positive impact on the future of our cities.


GoGet Origins – The history of Car Share in Australia

In June 2003, Bruce Jeffreys and Nic Lowe met in a Sydney coffee shop and got talking. They both agreed that traffic in the city was getting unbearable, and that it was harder than ever to find parking in the inner-city.

Car ownership, they realised, was the problem. If people could sell their cars and get affordable and convenient access to a car when they needed one, Bruce and Nic figured people would drive less, and make our cities better places to live.

They were right! They had taken their first step in a global movement toward shared mobility. Learn more about the History of Car Share here.

They started Newtown Car Share with a dozen people who signed up at a stall they setup at the Newtown festival. Within a year the company expanded to Melbourne and re-branded to GoGet Carshare.

The co-founders of GoGet Car Share, Bruce Jeffreys and Nic Lowe, crouching at the back of one of the earliest GoGet share cars


What does 15 years of car share look like?

We’ve had some big wins over 15 years. Here are just some of the ways GoGet has made Australia a better place to live.

15 years of GoGet Car Share - green happy bearded man icon

100,000 Members

GoGet is used by more Australian’s than ever before – including 20% of all drivers in the City of Sydney.

15 years of GoGet Car Share - mid blue car icon28,000+ fewer cars

Every GoGet removes up to a dozen private cars. With 3,000 GoGet cars, that’s a lot less manufacturing demand!

15 years of GoGet Car Share - orange map pin with journey line icon5 million trips

GoGet members are now making around a million trips a year, as car share usage picks up speed.

15 years of GoGet Car Share - light blue speedometer icon50 million fewer kms

Thanks to GoGet, 50 million fewer kilometres are driven every year. That’s reduced traffic and pollution in our cities.

15 years of GoGet Car Share - blue car parking icon130km of parking

Fewer private cars means less demand for parking. In total, GoGet has freed up 130km of kerbside parking.

15 years of GoGet Car Share - green globe iconA global leader

Per capita, Sydney is a larger car share hub than New York, San Francisco, and Boston.


We’re not the only ones to thank

We literally couldn’t have done any of this without our members, past and present. If it wasn’t for the willingness of the hundreds of thousands of people across Australia to embrace car share, we wouldn’t have been able to offer a serious alternative to car ownership, like we do today.

So, if you;

 – Are a GoGetter,

 – Were a member in the past,

 – Are from one of our partners,

 – Belong to another network,

 – Have shared the road with a share car:

Thank You! Here’s to another 15 years.

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