Have you seen 15,000 cars missing from our streets? No? That’s because, thanks to our members, they’re no longer needed! Check out our annual survey results to see why. This month, we give you the chance to help get even more cars off the road and earn yourself a little GoGet driving credit while you’re at it. Our GoOccasional and GoFrequent members can also win one of three boxes of fresh, home-delivered groceries to make a yummy home-cooked meal.

These gifts keep on giving!

GoGet's birthday If you haven’t found one of the 200 prizes for GoGet’s Ten Year Anniversary in one of our cars, you could still get lucky! There are vouchers for movie tickets, free weekends and upgrades still to be found in the cars and 10 years free GoFrequent membership is yet to be claimed! Don’t forget, you have to have a booking when you find a prize to be able to redeem it (so no swiping in and just pinching a prize!) Good luck!

Get organisations on the bandwagon

Organisations using GoGet save thousands each year on transport while helping to reduce congestion on our roads. If you think your organisation (or any other) could benefit from using GoGet, let us know. Just fill out this short form and we’ll get in touch with them. If the business you refer signs up before the end of July, we’ll reward you with $100 driving credit! So start spreading the GoGet word!

Annual survey results – and winners!

Here’s a big thank you to all the members who completed our annual survey. With your help, we now know:

  • GoGet members get more exercise (and we all know how GoGet makes us more attractive!) – 20% of members walk or cycle more and a third drive less since joining GoGet.
  • “What do we want?” “Hybrids!” – 50% of members agree there should be more hybrid vehicles in our fleet. If you’re in Melbourne, check out our upcoming event at Coburg City Centre – your wish might just be granted!

According to our survey results, if it weren’t for GoGet, there would be over 15,000 extra cars on the road and more than 10,000 of those would be parked on our streets. Because of you, our members, over 50 kilometres of parking space has been freed up – that’s enough parking to reach from Manly to Cronulla! And congratulations to the winners of our free GoFrequent memberships, Grant, Maarten and Sally, and Gabrielle, who has won a new iPad Mini!

GoGet presents Luncarcy! at the Possible Worlds Film Festival

Luncarcy! The Possible Worlds Film Festival is back this year, bringing the best new films from Canada and the USA to Sydney from August 8 to18. GoGet is over the moon to be the screening partner for Lunarcy! as part of this year’s Festival! Lunarcy! was part of the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival Official Selection and tells the story of a disparate group of dreamers and schemers who all have one thing in common: they’ve devoted their lives to the Moon. Possible Worlds has a very special offer for GoGet members: a free drink on arrival and a 25% discount on full-price tickets for Lunarcy! ($12 instead of $16*). Join us at Dendy Newtown, Friday August 16th at 6pm for drinks (film starts at 6:30pm)! To book your $12 tickets, enter the promotional code  GoGetGoesToTheMoon when you book tickets here. Check out the full Festival program here. (*A booking fee applies when you buy tickets online.)

Big things are happening!

Central Park

GoGet now has cars in more than twenty residential buildings across Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. And in the next few weeks, GoGet will be moving into Central Park on Broadway in Sydney, which will eventually be the largest carshare pod in the country!

To start with, there will be not one… not two… but nine GoGet cars to at Central Park. This will grow over time to more than forty cars! There’ll be a full selection of cars from GoGet’s diverse fleet, so all members, not just Central Park residents, will have access to a range of different vehicles right in the heart of the city.

HelloFresh give away!


Every month, we’re giving GoOccasional and GoFrequent members even more reasons to love GoGet! If you like your food the way you like your cars – exactly what you need, where and when you need it – check out GoGet members HelloFresh. They create healthy and tasty recipes and deliver all the fresh (and locally sourced) ingredients you need to your doorstep each week. It’s another way to make life easier and more convenient – like GoGet! This month, HelloFresh has three Classic Boxes (three dinners for two people, valued at $64) to give away to the first GoOccasional or GoFrequent members to email the correct answer to this question: From what continent did tomatoes originate? Plus, every GoOccasional and GoFrequent member who has a guess will receive a $30 HelloFresh gift card, so if you don’t win a box, you can still get fresh! Email your guess for your chance to win!

Something to spark your interest…

Moreland City Council We’re introducing a very special guest to our fleet this month. If you’d like to be there for the unveiling, come along to Coburg Civic Centre on Thursday, July 18th at 9.45am (for a 10am start). Moreland City Council, Toyota and the Victorian Department of Transport are hosting a one hour event to launch an Australian electric vehicle and carsharing first! It’s going to be big – the Minister for Transport, Mayor, CEO of Moreland and GoGet will be speaking at the event, so come along and check it out!

Anyone for a road trip?

We have more Sydney cars lined up waiting to go to Melbourne, we just need some adventurous members to get them there! You’ll get three free days to take one of our cars on a one-way trip to Melbourne with 1200km and all the usual inclusions, like petrol, for free! All you have to do is make sure the car arrives in Melbourne by the end of July. If you’d like to take a car for longer, any extra days will be $49 per day, which includes 120km each day. Extra kilometres are then charged at $0.25/km. If you’re interested, please fill out this form – it’s first in, best dressed, so if you’re keen, get in quick!

Tip of the month

Look for bikes

“Look twice for bikes!”

Now that we know how many of our fellow GoGet members are out cycling more and more, be sure to take extra care and watch out for push bikes, scooters and motorbikes when changing lanes and opening car doors. One more quick look over your shoulder will make all the difference!

New cars and pods

Thanks to our council partners, we now have cars in the following new locations:

Cool things members are doing

FYF Apparel

Every month we like to let you know about some of the cool things our members get up to. So if you have a story you’d like to share, shoot us an email. Why just own a great work of art when you can wear one? GoGet member (and staff member!) Paul Walsh and the team at FYF Apparel believe a collector’s item, like one of their exclusive designs, should be given pride of place – right on your t-shirt! The team designs clothing destined to be a wearable work of art.The boys at FYF Apparel get their inspiration from illustration, photography, street art, tattoo art, graphic design and video game art.

“Each and every shirt and art print is part of a small run,” the FYF Apparel team said. “Once that number is depleted, that specific print will never exist again, which makes us a perfect fit for the modern curator; someone who appreciates art as fashion, and fashion as art.”

Hopefully you’ve found something in here to warm you up! If you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions, let us know!

Nic, Bruce and the GoGet team