24 Hours in... Sydney Welcome to 24 Hours in… Sydney, where Yelp talks to a local influencer about spending a perfect day in Sydney. Ah, the Emerald City! One of life’s great pleasures is flying into Australia’s Unofficial Capital on a glorious sunny day and watching first-timers freak out over the celestial coastline and the harbour sparkling like a dropped jewel. Someone who knows her better than most is Benjamin Barnett, Yelp’s Sydney Community Manager, who loves helping locals discover hidden gems and pimping out his favourite hot spots to out-of-towners. When he’s not throwing parties in restaurants and cinemas, he’s writing weekly newsletters and sniffing out small bars and secret beaches. We caught up with Ben to see what a perfect day in Sydney looks like. Yelp Life - Sydney 6am Think about getting up. Decide that discretion is the better part of valour and sleep in for another couple of hours. You work hard. You earned it. 8am Swim like a porpoise at Balmoral Beach, then dry off with a cruise along the promenade before breakfasting at the The Boathouse. Get a takeaway coffee and sit on the cliff at Rocky Point Island. 10am Get your Captain Cook on at Middle Head, a decommissioned naval headland teeming with sandstone artillery tunnels, bushwalks, stunning views and hidden bunkers ideal for dolphin spotting. 1pm Get the most artfully presented fish and chips you’ve ever seen from Fishmongers Manly and eat them on the beach. If you check in on the Yelp app they’ll throw in a free beer or wine! 3pm Avail yourself of the World’s Best Commute(™) and take the Manly Ferry across to Circular Quay. 5pm Take a six-pack of ciders across to the party grass at the North Bondi Grassy Knoll and spread out to watch the sunset. Pat dogs. High five strangers. Congratulate yourself on winning at life. 6pm Blow off the pre-dinner cocktail and get stuck into some craft beers instead at Bitter Phew. Pull up a stool at the bar, shoot the breeze with the barman, and punch through some of their exotic tap beers. 7pm Head into dark, tiny Bar H in Surry Hills for an intimate Asian-inspired dinner peppered with native Australian ingredients – like a branch of crisp-fried old man saltbush with chilli mayo. 9pm Wobble across the road to Hotel Hollywood and send yourself off to bed with a nightcap at one of the best dive bars around. Get the espresso martini. Seriously. Get the espresso martini. 10pm You’re still up? Well, I guess you’d better go get your bad self some Gelato Messina. You’ll need a cup with two scoops. One of those scoops must be salted caramel. This is the only rule.   Original story: https://www.yelpblog.com/2015/11/24-hours-in-sydney-1