If there’s work to be done, the best thing to do is get started! Some jobs take more work than others, and having the right vehicle can be the deciding factor in whether the work gets finished.

To help you get motivated, here are 8 ideas for jobs to do this weekend.

1. Master the DIY

Ready to get handy around your home? Whether you need a new kitchen bench top, a replacement curtain rail, a new front door, or just an interior make-over, why not do it yourself! Even if you’re not the world’s most handy person, experience is the best way to learn.

Use a GoGet van to transport everything you need, whether you’re building something from scratch, or picking up a kit from the hardware. A van will fit all the tools and materials you’ll need.

Here are a couple of ideas you could get started on, plus links to more detailed walk throughs:

An indoor herb garden
A pallet bed

2. Pick up your online shopping

There’s nothing as satisfying as picking up a bargain, and second-hand online trading posts like Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace are a great source of cheap, used items. The best deals need to be picked up yourself to avoid a hefty delivery cost! Book a van for a couple of hours and get the item for what it’s worth, not what a courier will charge.

Not sure what you can find online? Here are a the kind of items we’ve seen for a bargain:

  • Near new televisions, often for next to nothing! Some people buy new TVs regularly, so you can score their old one for a song.
  • Bed frames. People that downsize or buy a bigger bed often get stuck with these, and will take less than what they’re worth.
  • Side boards, chests of drawers, and freestanding wardrobes. Anything bulky is often easier to sell cheap than try and throw out.
A white bed frame
a TV and cabinet

3. Sell your old things online

Gumtree, Ebay, and Facebook Marketplace aren’t just for buying things. They’re also great places to rid yourself of your old items, while making a little money. Life is generally simpler with less, so if there’s anything you no longer need that could use a new home, why not make a listing?

As well as the suggestions in point 2, here are some items you could offload online:

  • Old clothes with a bit of value. You’re more likely to sell these if you list them individually.
  • Toys that are no longer being used. Again, better quality toys listed individually are easier to move.
  • Household items. Anything from lamps and rugs, to cutlery and crockery, to fridges and couches.
  • Antiques and collectables. If you’re happy to let go of past collections, they could make someone else very happy.
  • Paintings and other decorations. If there are a few prints you could do without, someone else might enjoy them instead.

Wardrobe of old clothes 

4. Landscape your garden

There’s nothing like a new backyard! Whether you’ve got a 1m square patch of dirt or a quarter acre block, a little garden time can do wonders for the feeling on homeliness. Remember, a GoGet van can help you on a trip to Bunnings, or your local nursery. From tools and trees to pots and potato seeds, everything you need will fit!

Here are a couple of ideas, and links to some helpful resources:

A cobble stone garden path
fairy lights in a backyard

5. Spring cleaning

Despite the name, you can do a spring clean in any season… we should probably do one every season! If you have rubbish, recycling, and garden clippings to go to the tip, a GoGet van can take it all in a single trip.

Here are some extra tips for your big clean:

  • Take one room at a time. You’ll get a motivation boost as soon as you get one finished!
  • Unpack your entire wardrobe, then only put back in what you know you’ll use. Donate the rest.
  • Repeat the process with your kitchen cabinets and draws, and the toy chest if you have kids
  • If a particular room is a bona fide hoarder palace, take it one cupboard, chest, or corner at a time.

a woman spring cleaning her home

6. Clean the great unwashed

Linen, seat covers, mattresses… we all have things we should wash often that don’t get the care they deserve. Dedicate one a few hours one sunny weekend to getting those rarely washed things into the machine and on the line.

Here’s what we’re talking about:

  • Guest bed linen.
  • Cushion and couch covers, and throw rugs.
  • Car seat covers and floor mats.
  • Floor rugs.
  • Mattresses.
a woman washing heavy rugs

7. Clean your car

If you’re a car owner, it’s always nice to have it looking slick! Take a few hours this weekend to clean your automobile inside and out, from the bottom of your tyres to the very tip of your antenna. It’s not just looks of course – a clean car tends to rust and wear less!

Here are some car cleaning jobs you can do, and a few extra helpful links:

A hand washing a blue car

8. Do your taxes

Is it tax time? Great, time to do your taxes. Is it not tax time yet? No problem, start getting your taxes ready. It’s always a good time to get your financial affairs in order, so hit the books!

If your yearly tax return isn’t actually due just yet, here are some jobs to keep you busy for a couple of hours:

  • Collect your tax deductible receipts. Use the ATO app to save them, then load up at tax time.
  • If you run a business, spend an hour checking your invoices, and making sure you’ve been paid.
  • Check all your bills have been paid, or are getting paid automatically.
  • If you have a regular bill you pay manually, spend a little time to automate it, so you don’t need to worry!

A young woman doing her tax on a laptop

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