Yes, there are now podcasts for kids.

On-demand audio shows (podcasts) have been around for years, but there’s been an upswing in the last few years. 2014’s Serial was a game-changer, and there’s been explosions in the popularity of daily news and narrative programs.

Podcasts started just for adults, but younger listeners now have lots of options. Podcasts for kids are a great way to engage their imaginations, and are free!

Here are our picks for the best podcasts for kids.

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Cute kid listening to music, or maybe a podcast for kids, on headphones while leaning against a wall.

Quick Note: The audio players on this page will play the most recent episode of each podcast. There could be spoilers, so be careful!

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel (GoGet’s overall #1 podcast for kids)

This podcast is fantastic. It’s part of the Panoply network, the audio arm of Slate magazine, generally known for bold and opinionated news.

But in Mars Patel, they’ve made a real gem for children. Mars Patel is performed by kids (who are great actors), is beautifully produced, and will delight adults listening along.

It’s a narrative podcast, so you’re kids will be engaging their imaginations by listening. Think The Goonies, or Stranger Things for kids (just in audio form). Good for kids aged 8-12.

Short and Curly (best Australian podcast for kids)

This one is a home-grown Australian podcast for kids, made by the ABC. In short, it’s ethical education. Each episode takes a tough topic and gets stuck into its moral dilemmas.

And some of these are surprisingly heavy. Like ‘Life, Death, and a Runaway Train’ (the Trolley Problem), ‘Should We Kill Feral Cats’, and ‘Can Robot Soldiers Make Better Armies’.

That said, each topic is presented in a way that is appropriate for kids, and has places to pause and discuss the ideas with your kids. If you want to get your children thinking deep thoughts, this is a great option. Suits kids aged 6-10.

The Beanies Imagination Station (best podcast for young kids)

Here’s another Aussie offering, from the team at Kinderling, who make kid’s internet radio and podcasts. The Beanies might make old school Wiggles fans get all back-in-my-day, but for young kids they’re one of the best song and dance acts around.

This one’s a ten part series, and includes lots of songs and fun stories in each podcasts, great for kids aged 2-6 years.

Brains On!

This is one of the oldest kid’s podcasts, from Minnesota Public Radio in the United States. It’s a science podcast for kids, and is very nicely produced. Think Radiolab for kids.

(Side note: If this is the first time you’ve heard of Radiolab, you need to listen to it immediately)

Back to the kids though. Brains On! will do just what it says on the label for kids aged 5-12.

Wow in the World (Best Science Podcast for Kids)

This is a brand new podcast for kids from the team at National Public Radio in the United States. You know a podcast genre is a serious force when NPR gets onboard.

It’s probably the best produced podcast of the lot, along with Mars Patel. Another science podcast, the format’s a bit like an episode of the Doc Brown/Bill Nye parts of the Back to the Future animated series.

It can be a little US-centric – think the 2017 solar eclipse that the US lost its marbles over. But otherwise, it’s great for kids aged 5-12.


Okay, one last science podcast. Actually, let’s talk about that. There are heaps of science podcasts for kids. Like, so many. It could be because science – as opposed to maths or literature – has concrete applications, which are simpler to understand.

But also, let us know if you start a tech podcast for kids – we’ll throw it in the list.

But back to Tumble. This is another podcast that’s been on the scene for a while. It’s also an independent production, rather than coming from a network. Despite that, it’s very well produced, and will make kids ages 5-10 very happy. And very smart.

Fun Kids: Download (best podcast for hyperactive kids)

‘Download’ is a weekly best-of show, with segments from the Fun Kids digital radio station in the UK. It’s very different from the other podcasts here, with a very UK commercial radio vibe. Basically it’s louder, sillier, and more intense.

While some jokes are quite funny, it’s not afraid of the occasional toilet humour, and the celebrity interviews are very UK-centric.

But it’s a good way to introduce children with small attention spans to podcasts. Especially if they’re aged 5-10

Podcasts for Kids Bonus: Bedtime Explorers (best podcast for sleepy kids)

We love this. Not a podcast in the traditional sense, but it’s really lovely, and could be super useful. Bedtime Explorers is a bedtime meditation show, which help kids both get to sleep and get a little more mindful.

It’s beautifully produced, and is another Australian podcast (from Kinderling). Grab a Bluetooth speaker and play this to your children at night, and you’ll have a hard time staying awake yourself!

It’s suitable for babies and very young children, aged 0-5. And sleepy adults who love to imagine.

Podcasts for Kids Bonus #2: The Show About Science (best podcast by a kid!)

Let’s call this an honourable mention. It’s not really a show really for kids, but it’s also not for adults. In fact, the show is really just made for the kid who makes it.

The presenter is a 6 year old boy named Nate, and he just. loves. science.

And he’s not a bad presenter. Unfortunately, the podcast is a straight interview show, but the man’s got plenty of room to grow – literally and figuratively!



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