This month we’re all about helping you help yourself. Planning a big event? Get us to sponsor you! Friends taking advantage of your GoGet access? Give them their own account, with a nice little bonus. Can’t choose the most sustainable product? Check out this green living guide. We’ve also got a great deal for you, but only if you’re organised enough to know what you’re doing in June. If you’re not so organised, our normal specials are always here for your last minute needs, so check out April’s pods on special.

Take off with $25 off in June

$25 off in June Check your calendar, cast your mind forward and text your mates, we’re offering a super deal for bookings in June if you lock down before May 15th. Book 3 days or more in June, and get $25 off per day! Take a RAV4 up to warmer waters on the Central Coast, cruise to the Hunter Valley in an Audi, or keep a van for a solid few days of renovating. Or get an extra low rate on a standard car, and take a decent trip out of the city with at least 450km included (and additional 120km per extra day you book). Make your booking for 3 days or more in June, and forward your booking confirmation We’ll take off $75, plus $25 per extra day. Please note while all cars are eligible, only one booking per account is allowed, and cancellations aren’t possible once we confirm your discount.

Take an historic getaway

Barwon ParkLast month we offered you a free trip to National Trust properties for Heritage Festival 2015. We had lots of great responses, but we had to choose just one for each of the five destinations. Cedric will be the first, heading to theBarwon Park Mansion at Winchelsea. As a new arrival from France, Cedric is looking forward to seeing new parts of country Australia, and learning about the Australian side of European history through WWI re-enactments and historical tours. Keep an eye on our Facebook page as photos come in from all five members taking historical trips around Victoria. Don’t be jealous! Heritage Festival has all kinds of events happening through April and May, in Melbourne and all around Victoria. Plan your own historic getaway at the National Trust website.  

Dash an hour

Imagine if you had over 1800 clocks in your house to change for daylight savings!Car dash clock That’s been our job to change every clock in every car over the past couple weeks. Most of them are done by now, but if you notice your car’s clock is out, could you do us a favour and wind it back an hour? The booking system has its own, much more accurate clock that it goes by, so don’t risk getting confused by the time you see in the car’s dash.

New cars and pods

New in Sydney:

New in Melbourne:

Tip of the month

Extend appRunning out of time on your booking? It’s now easier than ever to extend and get a bit of extra time. We’ve fixed the mobile site, so you can now quickly and easily extend your booking using any smartphone. Just go to on your phone, log in, and hit “extend my booking”. iPhone owners can go to to download our app. The only time you can’t extend yourself is if someone has the car after you! If the mobile site or app can’t extend you, give us a call and we’ll sort it out with the next member.  

Grenum: adj. to be green

We know our members try to do the right thing when it comes to living sustainably, but sometimes it’s really hard to choose! That’s where Grenum can help out. Grenum is a website with guides and information about living sustainably and making sustainable choices. Some of our favourites:

Let us help with your eventToni Williams Medieval event

Are you organising a hamburger festival? Setting up an under 5s golf championship? Shooting a documentary about the spotted handfish? We want to be involved! Organising these big events is very challenging, but with GoGet as your sponsor at least you can have a van to shift the equipment, an iMax to carry the squad, and a car to get yourself to the big day on time. We can’t sponsor everyone, but we encourage you to register your event or organisation here.  

Cool things our members are doing

Cycle of Learning GoGet members Linda and Chris have just been in Adelaide, where Ludmilla the Yaris was on hand to help launch Anne Fitzpatrick’s book Cycle of Learning. Now, they’re offering you a chance to win a copy! Linda and Chris run Lacuna Publishing, a small press for unique fiction and non-fiction works by Australian writers. Even though they’re based in Sydney and do most of their work online, the two use GoGet cars all over Australia for events and book launches. In Cycle of Learning, Anne Fitzpatrick cycled solo around Australia to raise funds for the education of disadvantaged young people in rural India. It’s a very readable, funny and beautiful story, and you can win a copy by naming the place in India. It’s on the Lacuna website, so read the blurb andsubmit your answer here. If you’re one of the first 5 to get it right, it’s yours!