This month we have an Australian first that makes carshare more accessible, announce the launch of GoGet in a new city, offer a discount on some of our cars for the coming long weekend, and have a special tip which our British members will find most useful. Check out our specials page for the low down on all our current offers, and for discounted pods log in to the booking system.

Carshare for everyone

GoGet's accessible vehicleWe’re very excited to introduce Philip the Carnival. Just like all our other KIA Carnivals, Philip can carry up to 8 people comfortably. But Philip isn’t your average people mover – he’s been modified for wheelchair access. Philip the Carnival is named after Philip Hojgaard-Olsen. Philip and his dad, Peter, approached us a year ago about getting wheelchair accessible vehicles into the GoGet fleet. We knew things were tough for people with disabilities, but Philip and Peter really drove home how tough and costly it is when it comes to things like accommodation, transport and equipment, and the impact these have on people’s lives. Philip and Peter inspired us and worked closely with us to see if we could help with the transport side of things, including helping us choose the right vehicle and the best modification for use by passengers in wheelchairs. We have also teamed up with the Royal North Shore Hospital spinal cord injury outpatient service to locate the vehicle at the hospital. Philip the Carnival will be available for booking later this week and can be used by all GoGet members, whether you require the use of the wheelchair lift or not. We’ve been working with Spinal Cord Injuries Australia and are looking for more partners to help us roll out more of these vehicles. The goal is to have a nationwide network of wheelchair accessible vehicles. So, if you can help, or know of someone who can, please respond to the form here. For more information on our new GoAccessible membership plan. Read more about Philip

Capital GoGet

GoGet in CanberraWelcome to the latest city in the GoGet network – Canberra! There are now 7 GoGet cars in Canberra, available for you to book by the hour or by the day.

Great Deals for ACT Residents We have a great promotion for all ACT (and Queanbeyan) residents – sign up (or upgrade, if you’re already a member) here to our limited time offer.

Get Your Friends On Board If you have friends out ACT way who may be interested in joining GoGet, send them over to our Canberra page to join for free. Ask them to mention your name in the application form and you’ll both receive a $25 referral credit!

Visiting Canberra Canberra’s a great place to visit, but you’ll probably need a car to get around to all the attractions. With GoGet pods right near the coach terminal, and others located conveniently in the CBD, you can now put your feet up for the long part of the trip, and jump in a GoGet to visit everything grand and beautiful Canberra has to offer. New Canberra Pods – Newlands Street (Treasury Building Carpark) – Challis Street near Cape Street (Dickson Motor Registry Carpark) – Supreme Court of the ACT Carpark – London Circuit between Constitution Avenue and Nangari Street – IKEA

Get 25% off for ANZAC Day

Anzac DayIt’s getting darker earlier, the mornings are chilly and there’s a crispness in the air, but winter isn’t here quite yet – so don’t act like it! On the 25th of April we get a long weekend for ANZAC Day, so make some plans and take advantage of the weather while it lasts.

To help you get out of the house, we’re offering 25% off 3+ day bookings over the long weekend on economy cars in CBD pods. Plan to take one home on Friday after work and bring it back Tuesday morning. Book a car now, and use promo code APR25 to get 25% off your booking. To ensure the promo code works, check out the specials pagefor all the eligibility details.

Tip of the month

Parking Down Under

Wrong way This is old news to Aussies, but might have been lost in translation for some expat members: in Australia, you must park in the same direction of traffic. Parking rangers will fine a car if it’s parked the wrong way round. Fines range from around $40 up to $200, depending which state you’re in. If the car is found in that position after your booking, the fine has to be handled by us, and that incurs an extra $25 admin fee. So if you’ve recently moved to Australia, or are just here for a short stay, please take note! When parking on the street, ensure your car is pointing in the direction of traffic on that side of the road. If you spot a parking spot on the other side of the road that you wish to take, you must do a (legal) u-turn, or come back onto the road from the opposite direction.

Real-time billing

Real-time billingWe’ve been trialing a new way to pay for GoGet with a select group of GoGet testers. It’s called ‘real-time billing’ (for now), and means you pay for your booking upfront, instead of at the end of the month. The way it works is that you pay for the hours or days you book upfront – kilometres, tolls and other charges still come on a monthly invoice. Early feedback has been very positive, with the testers enjoying more certainty over their costs and easier management of cash flow. If you’d like to switch over to real-time billing, please shoot us an email.

Daylight Savings

Daylight savings has endedWe do this twice a year, but bear with us while we change the clocks on all our 2000 cars that aren’t in Queensland. In the meantime, please exercise a bit of caution before relying on the in-car clock. If you do notice that the clock is wrong, please do your fellow members (and us!) a favour and change it back an hour if you have time.

Cool things our members are doing

GoGet member - GastronomsIf you’ve ever gotten a laksa delivered to your home, you probably know that some foods aren’t meant to travel. There’s a lot going on in the home delivery scene these days, but GoGet member Ben wrote to tell us about his awesome new service – Gastronoms. Gastronoms works with restaurant chefs to build meals that are perfect to serve at home. By doing a little bit of self assembly (less than 10 minutes, they promise!), your ordered in food will resemble what you might get served in a restaurant, instead of something squashed into a plastic rectangle. You can check out their daily menu and order a delivery. They’re still looking for more chefs to work with, so if you’d like to get your restaurant’s creations out to home diners in the best possible state, get in touch here. If you’re doing cool things, or have something you’d like to share, write to us. Thanks, The GoGet Team