A little while back we asked members to tell us why they wanted to write a review on our new Audi A3 Convertibles. With an overwhelming amount of responses, we had the difficult task of choosing two lucky members to win a few free hours to drive where ever they wanted to and give a brief, honest review of their experience.

We will be releasing both reviews over the next week. One lucky member was Damian, and below are his thoughts on the new Super Fancy GoGet vehicle:

Audi A3

“As a general disclaimer, I don’t really know much about cars. They are handy to get from A to B, sometimes via C or transporting X, which is why GoGet works so well. 

So it was that I approached the Audi A3 convertible test drive with a certain detachment, though my curiosity was certainly piqued.

First impressions: it looks nice, it feels nice. I mean, it really feels luxurious. Air-con works well on a blisteringly hot day. Power windows, now this is fancy. A display pops up that is detailed and feature-heavy enough to warrant a good few minutes of distraction. Bluetooth tunes are handy. Roof goes up and down smoothly and rather quickly.

The car does this trick of turning the engine off and on when stopping and starting, which initially is a touch disconcerting and makes accelerating from a stop feel sluggish, though this can be deactivated. Once you’re on the go, however, it moves so smoothly that it seems as though you’re gliding along the road. A few heads turn to check out the car and you feel rather flash. It does a decent job along city streets, never seeming bulky or clunky. Sun protection’s a bit of a concern, so remember to slip slop slap.

So. Would I spend however much cash to buy one? Definitely not, but that’s not the real matter of importance here. Would I rent the car out for a few hours or a couple days through GoGet? Oh yeah. I had fun, and it was a nice change from a Corolla. Though next time I’ll want to take it out of the city so I can really feel the wind in my hair and live a little bit of the dream.”