This month we’re all about helping people get around. Our vans, utes and people movers have made it possible for a lot of small businesses, nonprofits and community events to get going – and now we’re excited to announce a new kind of vehicle that we hope will help out. If your event or organisation could do with some wheels, we want you to get in touch. If you just want a good deal, check out our pod specials for this month.

Upgrade Your Wheels

2eb06d26-7754-4400-89c2-95d6020774ce We’re all about making carshare work for everybody, so we’re working with lots of organisations and stakeholders to launch our very first wheelchair accessible car for passengers with disability. Accessible cars are usually expensive and out of reach for many people. GoGet wants to do something about this. By sharing these vehicles, we believe we can give the community another valuable transport option at our low hourly and daily rates. We are still in the early stages, and your feedback is really important. If you or someone you know could do with an accessible car near them, please complete this survey.

Startup Social

Everyone has a little startup idea. An online store for really fluffy cat beds. An app to find and rate the fluffiest cats. A collaborative consumption model so everyone can pat a fluffy cat without owning one.

These are obviously fun startup ideas, but if your entrepreneurial spirit is orientated to tackling more serious challenges in society, Startup Social Sydney is for you. The conference is about applying startup creativity and entrepreneurial skills to solving social issues, so you don’t have to have an idea, just the skills and the attitude.

We’re giving away three tickets to the Ideation Evening on Wednesday 26th August, and one ticket to the Ideation Evening and Startup Weekend. Check out Startup Social here, and if you want to go, tell us here.

New cars and pods

Thanks to our council and developer partners, we now have cars in the following new locations:

And in these Melbourne locations:

baa0d052-15fb-4691-b174-1953238abcf4-2Can we help?

So far this year we’ve helped 2SER journalists get to Canberra to cover the federal budget, the Australian Bodyboarding Association organise their tournaments, Clickability make their important meetings out of the city, and provided gifts of free membership for all kinds of fundraisers. We regularly help community-oriented events and cause-related organisations get around with free access to GoGet vehicles, cross promotion, and raffle prizes. If you’re doing something cool and need help, we want in! Get in touch and tell us exactly what you want, and we’ll see what we can do. Unfortunately we can’t sponsor everything, but we promise to carefully consider each entry.

Green Day Outdcf08f9a-92ab-4ec8-9eb2-8344b16aa66c

Giving up your car is a great way to live sustainably in the city, but there’s so much more you can do! Green Day Out (featuring Costa, not Billie Joe Armstrong) is a fair dedicated to sustainable urban living, and we’ll be attending along with lots of other companies, social enterprises and speakers with ways to reduce your environmental footprint. From urban beekeeping and aquaponics to gardening and cupcake making, we’re looking forward to getting inspired and learning some new things. Green Day Out is at the Inner Sydney Montessori School in Balmain, on Saturday 5 September. For more information head to

Acland St Projection Festival82b826f3-4d80-4440-abed-ce228a71d596

Ranging from subtle effects on buildings to impressive, larger than life displays, Acland St Projection Festival will turn the iconic street into a living, moving artwork from 11-20th September. Projection art is becoming really popular, with talented projection artists doing amazing things, and artists exploring it for the first time experimenting with the new medium. The Festival has mapped out every inch of Acland St, and has worked artists to make every building, laneway and landscape a really special display. It’s about a month away now, but so you don’t forget to head down to St Kilda, you can put your email into the Acland St Projection Festival website and they’ll send you a reminder.

Moving People for Good

1f1a949e-f9e6-4cbe-b1ee-63d2f7232149 Our people movers are the vehicle of choice for event organisers and social causes. Whether you’re ferrying people around for a big event, or taking a road trip with the whole squad, our latest people mover addition will make it nice and comfortable. The new KIA Carnival has a reverse camera and parking sensors, nifty configurable seats to suit exactly how many people are the car, air con for the back seats, 4 baby seat anchors, 4 USB ports and 10 (!) cup holders throughout the vehicle – and little nooks and storage spaces to stash iPads and books. They’re both easy to drive and fun to ride in! Our KIA Carnivals won’t be delivered for a little while, but we’ll let you know when they start hitting the road and are available to book.

Wayward Brews


What do you do when you’re a small craft brewer and a pub across town agrees to put on your beer?

We’re proud to be behind many of Sydney’s craft beer success stories, giving them the logistics of big distributors so they can get their product to pubs all over the city, without the capital required to buy trucks.

Two such brewers, Wayward and The Grifter, are marking milestones by opening new breweries in Sydney’s inner west. With a proper brewery, these guys can brew faster, meet growing demand and experiment with new things. Best of all, it lets them accept visitors! Wayward’s new Camperdown brewery will be open to the public any day now, so check them out on Facebook for updates.

Cool things our members are doing

c81006f0-bb41-4683-ba4e-b0819bb3dbbd GoGet member Phil runs a living architecture startup called Coolthinc, building green roofs and vertical gardens in new and existing buildings. Phil says that as a small startup, staying lean is vital to be able to survive and grow, and having access to GoGet utes and vans all around Melbourne means that they can take on big projects without needing to invest in transport. We love what Phil is doing – makes our little GoGet HQ vege patch pale in comparison! If you want a bit of green injected into your building, check out their website. If you’re doing cool things, or have something you’d like to share, write to us. The GoGet Team