Bondi Beach parking spots are hard to find, with Bondi one of the hardest places to park in Sydney! But Bondi is one of the most iconic beaches in the world, so it’s a popular place to go year round, not just during summer.

If you’re keen to visit Bondi, you should try to use public transport. There are trains to Bondi Junction, and there are good bus services that connect you to Bondi Beach. If that isn’t an option, keeping scrolling down for our guide to Bondi Beach parking.

You might also be interested in our guide to avoiding a parking fine – it’s got 4 general tips that apply to Bondi too!

Bondi Beach on a summer's day, with lots of people on the sand and in the surf - Bondi Beach parking is hard even in winter

Share Parking with OSCAR

A screenshot of the Oscar parking share app at Bondi Beach - there are lots of Bondi Beach Parking spots on the app for very affordable priceOSCAR Share Parking isn’t a parking spot but a parking app, but it’s one of the best ways to park at Bondi Beach. It’s also an awesome company that started in Bondi! It’s two founders, Lisa and Louise, were frustrated when they found it impossible to find Bondi Beach parking, but saw heaps of empty driveways.

OSCAR connects drivers with those empty driveways, and there are tonnes of users in Bondi, with parking from as little as a few dollars an hour! You can have a quick look at where some of those parking spots are located in the screenshot here.

Just download the app on iPhone or Android, then search for a parking spot that’s available for the time you need it. There’s no pre-booking involved, just open the app when you’re ready to find a park (have a passenger do that if you’re driving!).

Queen Elizabeth Drive Car Park

This is what most people see as the ‘main’ Bondi Beach parking. Operated by Waverley Council, Queen Elizabeth Drive Car Park runs along Bondi Beach, and is just seconds away from the sand. While it has 500 bays, it is very popular, so it can be hard to find a spot when the beach is busy. It’s also quite expensive.

The parking metres operate from 7am until 10pm. If you’re going to Bondi outside those hours, know that night swimming can be dangerous. LiveStrong has a good article on doing it safely. Parking fees are as follows:

Parking in Summer (Sep-May)

  • 7am-7pm: $7.40 per hour
  • 7pm-10pm: $4.40 per hour

Parking in Winter (June-August)

  • 7am-7pm: $7.40 per hour
  • 7pm-10pm: Free

The car park is closed during the City 2 Surf charity race, and there’s no limit to how long you can park. There’s parking for motorbikes and they take both coin and credit card payments, including American Express. Overall, the Queen Elizabeth Drive Car Park is one of the best Bondi Beach parking spots, but it gets busy and is fairly expensive.

Park Drive South Car Park

This Bondi car park is run by Waverly Council. It’s a bit further from the beach than Queen Elizabeth Drive, but only by a minute or two walk. It’s a great place to park at Bondi, but it’s also busy and expensive. It’s also a short stay car park, so you’re limited to parking there for 4 hours.

The meters operate from 8am until 10pm, with fees as follows:

Parking in Summer (Sep-May)

  • 8am-7pm: $7.40 per hour
  • 7pm-10pm: $4.40 per hour

Parking in Winter (June-August)

  • 8am-10pm: $4.40 per hour

The Park Drive South car park at Bondi Beach is closed during City 2 Surf and takes coin and card payment, including American Express. Overall, the Park Drive South Bondi Beach parking lot is a great place to park for a few hours, is cheaper in winter, but is still fairly expensive.

Bondi Beach Parking Permit

A special mention should be made for the Bondi Beach Parking Permit, offered by Waverley council. If you’re need to park in the Queen Elizabeth Drive car Park on a regular basis, the pass allows you to have free access year round for a single car. It also lets you park at the Bronte Cutting car park at Bronte Beach.

The Bondi Beach Parking Permit is available to everyone, whether you live in the area or not, but it costs way more if don’t live in Waverley Council. As of early 2018, the price of the Bondi Beach Parking Permit is $1,620, or $130 if you’re a resident of Waverley Council. It doesn’t guarantee you a parking spot though, it’s still first come first served.

That could definitely be worthwhile if you’re parking at Bondi Beach very regularly, but it would have to be at least a couple of times a week. With a typical $8 round-trip bus fare, you’d be able to get to Bondi over 200 times on public transport for the same price! If you want more information on the Bondi Beach Parking Permit, the details are on this page.

Street Parking

If the parking lots are full, or if you’re not keen to park in one, you can hunt for a street parking spot. Don’t expect this to be easy, or cheap. Almost all of the streets near Bondi are metered, and are on the more expensive side of the cost of parking spectrum.

We can’t detail the parking restrictions of every street in Bondi, but we can offer a few tips if you plan on finding street parking at Bondi Beach.

  • Leave plenty of time to find a spot. Don’t count on being able to find something in 5 or 10 minutes. Especially if you need to make a deadline, count on 30 minutes or more to find the time to park.
  • Check and double-check the parking signs. Sydney parking signs are notoriously complicated, and every local residents can get confused. Make sure you’re allowed to park in a spot for as long as you need, or you could find yourself with a sizable fine!
  • Set a timer on your phone. This is an easy trick to make sure you don’t park too long and risk a fine. Make sure you set it earlier than your parking expires so that you have time to get back to the car with whatever gear or people you have with you.

A no Parking sign with trees in the back groud - if you think ahead you can avoid a parking fine

The Hub Shopping Centre

The Hub Shopping Centre car park is operated by Wilson Parking, and is available to non-shoppers to park in. It’s a short walk to the beach (about 5 minutes) and is open from 6am to midnight. The first hour is free for customers of shops in the centre – your ticket needs to be validated in store. Otherwise, here are the rates:

  • Monday to Friday:
    • 0.0-1.0 hours – $5
    • 1.0-1.5 hours – $8
    • 1.5-2.0 hours – $16
    • 2.0-3.0 hours – $24
    • 3.0-4.0 hours – $30
    • 4.0+ hours – $36
  • Weekends:
    • $7 per hour or part thereof, capped at $35 for 4+ hours.
  • Night special:
    • $10 Monday to Sunday, entry after 6pm and exit before midnight.

Pacific Bondi Car Park

 The Pacific Bondi Car Park is a private car park operated by Wilson Parking, and is the closest private car park to Bondi Beach itself. Located on Campbell Parade on Curlewis Street, it’s directly opposite Bondi Pavilion, and a two minute walk to the sand. It’s open 5.30am-12.30am.

Being in such a prime location, it’s not cheap – probably the most expensive of all the Bondi Beach parking options. However, it offers 30 minutes free, as well as cheaper night and early bird pricing. Pricing is as follows:

  • Casual parking 7 days:
    • 0.0-33 minutes – Free
    • 33 minutes-1.0 hours – $6
    • 1.0-1.5 hours – $12
    • 1.5-2.0 hours – $18
    • 2.0-3.0 hours – $28
    • 3.0-4.0 hours – $38
    • 4.0-5.0 hours – $48
    • 5.0+ hours – $58
  • Early Bird:
    • A good deal! Enter between 6am and 9.30am, then leave between 4pm and 7pm, and it’ll only cost you $9 Monday to Friday.
  • Nights:
    • $10 Monday to Sunday, entry after 6pm and exit before midnight.