Norah Head

Norah Head, Newcastle NSW

Car hire or car share? The choice can sometimes be a little confusing comparing different companies, prices, comfort and accessibility. One of our new members gave us the low down as to how he made the decision to go with GoGet. He conducted his own test for some real world comparisons. By comparing GoGet prices to a long weekend away from Sydney to Newcastle using a car hire service, this member dispelled some common myths and answered these common questions:

  • Is car share more expensive than car hire?
  • Is car hire more hassle than a membership with a car share company?

Here are his experiences with car hire, and the differences noted after signing up with GoGet.


“The booking process was quite long. After making a booking it was advised that the car choice was not definite until pick up. Also the cost was just an estimate. The estimate was $245.00.  It did not state what my insurance excess was going to be either and I later found this out by a small info stand on the counter at the store.”

Difference 1: Simplicity! With Go Get, you don’t need to attend a desk, you pay the standard membership rates as you sign up online. Also you needn’t worry about insurance and cost per hour or kilometre, it’s all-inclusive!  

The booking process was inconvenient as I had to make a booking suitable for their office opening times. This meant that I had to change my start time for work that day so I could pick up the car before work otherwise the office would have been closed when I finished work.” 

Difference 2: Convenience! GoGet vehicles can be booked online anytime. You don’t have to worry when we’re at the office or not. Use your swipe card at the time you book online – hassle free.

“The office locations were not convenient for me either as they only have 2 offices in Parramatta. On the day of the booking I had to walk to the office, which took 25mins. I have a GoGet pod only 5 minutes away from my house. ”

Difference 3:  Accessibility! GoGet does not require you to go to a central location to pick up your vehicle. We’ve got pods located all over Australian capital cities – with more pods being added frequently. Enter your postcode here to find your nearest pod.  

Once I got to the office I had to wait approximately 10 minutes before I was served as I had to wait for other renters who were there prior to me. Once I was served it took another 10 minutes to pay for my booking, check the car for any damage before I was able to get into the car and head off on my booking.”

Difference 4: Time! We take out the middleman. You have your swipe card, you know which car you’ve booked and where it is located. Check and report any damages yourself and don’t wait for anyone who is dragging their feet. GoGet members have a 5min grace period outside their booking times to return the car to its designated park. If members are late they incur late fees payable to GoGet, and inconvenience fees payable to inconvenienced members! How’s that for a nice incentive to be on time!  

When I paid for the booking I paid just the amount of $245 as I had not chosen to pay for the reduced excess which would of cost me an extra $120 on top of this cost.”

Difference 5: Price! As we have mentioned, all costs are included in your GoGet membership rate. You don’t have to mess around with calculating insurance excesses or cost estimations. You know exactly how much it will be from the outset.  

“I ended up getting the car that I had requested which was good. I then drove from Parramatta to Newcastle. Did some driving around Newcastle during the 2 days that I was there and then drove back to Parramatta. I was away for 3 days in total. I used a total of 556kms. I had spent a total of $113.17 on fuel during my booking.”

Difference 6: Fuel! Petrol is included in your membership rate! If the petrol gets to less than a quarter, members fill it up before dropping the car off using the fuel card in the vehicle. As a guide, members fill up about once every 20 trips.  

“When I went to return the car after office hours, I had to find a park on the street that was unrestricted or timed, I then had to fill out a form with all the details of the booking such as kms used, all my personal details, and then I had to go to the office and put the form into a box and then put the key into a key slot. After this I then had the 25-minute walk back home.”

Difference 7: Parking! GoGet has dedicated parking spaces and pod spaces located in central and convenient streets all Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. These parks cannot be used by taxis, car hire companies or general motorists. They are well lit and close to public transport.
Difference 8: Paperwork! There is minimal! Fill out the logbook in the event of any damages; otherwise GoGet have your details tracked securely via your swipe card. No time, pen or paper necessary.


 We were able to do a breakdown based on the prices he had quoted us against our GoStarter and GoFrequent rates.  
Car hire Company 4 day Booking: $245.00 Fuel: $113.17 Kms: 556 Total Cost = $358.17  
GoGet (GoStarter plan) 4 day booking: $324 Fuel: $0 Km charge: $0 as was under 600kms that members would have gotten free for the day rate. Total Cost = $324   GoGet is 10.5% cheaper.  
GoGet (GoFrequent plan) 4 day booking: $272 Fuel: $0 Km charge $0 as was under 600kms that I would of gotten free for the day rate. Total Cost = $272   GoGet is 24% cheaper.  

To simply answer the questions this member set out to answer;  

  • Is car share more expensive than car hire? NO.
  • Is car hire more hassle than a membership with a car share company? YES.

  And there you have it! Why hire when you can share?