Sydney is one of our favourite cities, and we love living here! But there are some downsides to Australia’s biggest metropolis. The cost of living in Sydney is one of the highest in the world, and Sydney traffic is the worst in the country. Luckily, there are easy ways to save money, spend less time in traffic or finding a park, and reduce congestion. Sydney car share is one of them.

Car share swaps ownership for access, and Sydney’s car share networks are some of the best in the world. Sydney car share gives you access to thousands of different types of cars across the city, located where and when you need them, for low membership and hourly prices. Using car share in Sydney can also save you serious cash, with car ownership costing more money and time than you might realise!

With all these benefits, Sydney car share has grown a lot since it started with GoGet in 2003, with multiple companies offering a car sharing service. This article compares each of those networks, so you can decide which suits you best. Of course, GoGet is one of those car share networks, and we think it’s the best one! But this article is bigger than us. If we can help you use any car share network instead of owning a car, then we’ve helped make Sydney a better city for everyone.

A GoGet member standing in front of a GoGet car in Sydney

A brief history of car share in Sydney

Car share in Australia began in Sydney. In 2003, Bruce Jeffreys and Nic Lowe realised they could help people access cars without having to own one. They founded Newtown Car Share, initially with just a dozen members and three cars. Newtown Car Share grew quickly, and was renamed GoGet when the company grew beyond its home city of Sydney, expanding to Melbourne in 2004.

In the years since, GoGet has grown to around 100,000 members and over 2,700 vehicles in five cities. Those vehicles include hatchbacks, vans, SUVs, convertibles, people movers, and other car types.

GoGet was Sydney’s first car sharing network, but other car share companies now operate in the city, though at a much smaller scale. The other traditional car share networks in Sydney are Flexicar and Popcar. Flexicar is the new name for Hertz 24/7. Between the three Sydney car share networks, members can now find share cars from Bondi to Blacktown, Pymble to Parramatta, and Mona Vale to Miranda. Such a large network of share cars in Sydney mean it’s easier than ever to not own a car.

How car sharing helps Sydney

Several international studies, along with Sydney based research GoGet contributed to, find direct relationships between car share and privately owned cars in an area. Each share car reduces the number of private cars in the area by around 10. That means nine less cars fighting for parking or adding to Sydney traffic. The local research also found GoGet members drive 50% less than other drivers, by combining multiple errands into each trip. So, more car share drivers in Sydney means fewer cars on the road and more efficient use of those cars.

As a result, Sydney car share is great for the environment. Fewer cars means improved parking and reduced congestion, but it also decreases emissions! That means cleaner air and reduced environmental impact. With fewer cars being purchased, Sydney car share members also reduce consumption of the materials used to build cars. Councils are also using the extra real estate for more green space and larger footpaths for pedestrians, cyclists, and businesses to make use of. That helps Sydney become a more livable city.

There’s one more important effect of car sharing, and it’s especially important in Sydney. Costs of living are rising everywhere, but with Sydney the 2nd least affordable city in the world those costs are even higher! As a result, every dollar Sydneysiders can save is a dollar to spend on something really worthwhile. Owning a car is more expensive than many of us realise, but Sydney car share networks make it an optional cost.

Car Share Sydney | Network sizes

There are three traditional car share networks in Sydney. All together, they offer over 2,000 car share vehicles to members, officially making Sydney the car share capital of Australia.

GoGet car share operates the large majority of the share cars in Sydney, with over 1,900 Sydney cars in the fleet. 

Flexicar is the next biggest Sydney car share network, but only has a fraction of the number of cars as GoGet. Flexicar operates about 80 share cars in Sydney. These cars used to be branded as Hertz 24/7, but the company renamed it’s Sydney car share fleet to Flexicar in 2016.

Popcar operates around 55 cars in Sydney.

Man loading a flat pack into a GoGet van in an IKEA car park - car share vs car ownership

Sydney car share vehicle locations

Just like Sydney property, car share is all about location, location, location. The most important part of picking a car share network is finding the network with cars in places convenient for you. Here’s an overview of how the three car share networks in Sydney cover the city.

GoGet Sydney car share locations

GoGet is the original and largest Sydney car share network, and as a result, has the best coverage. GoGet has hundreds of cars in the Sydney CBD, with hundreds more in inner city suburbs like Pyrmont, Ultimo, Glebe, North Sydney, Surry Hills, and Darlinghurst. GoGet also has a range of vehicles at most major airports across Australia, including Sydney.

Further out, GoGet has consistent coverage east to Bondi, west to Westmead, north to Hornsby and Mona Vale, and south to Cronulla. There are also cars and vans at major centres outside the main network. Those include suburbs like Blacktown, Castle Hill, McGraths Hill, Marsden Park, Bankstown and Holsworthy. GoGet vans can be found at every IKEA in Sydney, at most Kennards Self Storage locations, and at major shopping centres, including Homemaker centres.

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Flexicar Sydney car share locations

Flexicar has a much smaller Sydney car share fleet than GoGet, with less than 80 cars in Sydney. They are mainly located in the Sydney CBD, with around a dozen south of Moore Park, and just two north of the bridge There are only six cars in the Eastern Suburbs, only one of which is located at a beach. There are no cars west of about Glebe.

Popcar Sydney car share locations

Popcar has 55 share cars in Sydney, located sporadically across the city. Popcar has about a dozen cars around North Sydney, Parramatta, and Manly, and around half a dozen near Chatswood and Balgowlah. There are a few cars south of the Georges River, but there are none between the Georges River and the Parramatta River. That means there are no Popcars in the CBD, the Eastern suburbs, or the Inner West.

Which Sydney car share network is best?

So which Sydney car share network should you choose? As most car share companies have similar pricing, location is the most important consideration. So, you should choose the network with the most cars where you need them. If a network only has a few cars in your area, the cars might not have the same availability as the cars in a larger network might.

We think that makes GoGet the best car share network for most Sydney drivers, with more cars located across more of the city. With vehicles like vans, hatchbacks, convertibles, and people movers available, GoGet members have the right car for every trip. If you’re a senior, student, or business, GoGet becomes an even better option, with some of our best rates available to you.

Hopefully that gives you enough information to make the decision that’s right for you. No matter which network you choose, best of luck in your car share adventures across Sydney!

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