“Carpooling” and “ride sharing” are both terms for sharing your car with others, but “car share” is another thing entirely! Both can be done formally and informally, and provide great options for getting around without owning your own car. If you’ve ever hitched a ride with friends to an event or to work, you’ve carpooled! That kind of car pooling happens every day with friends and family. It’s so much more efficient to fill one car than have multiple cars going to the same place, there have been efforts to encourage carpooling and make it more official. When Optus relocated to their new campus, they recognised traffic problems in Macquarie Park could present real problems. Working together with the City of Ryde, Optus encourages their employees to work out ride share arrangements with parking and other incentives. Every car that carries 2 people instead of 1 takes another car off the road, reducing congestion, carbon emissions and petrol use! It also helps build relationships between people who might not talk to each other, something companies like Optus really value. Another benefit of carpooling is that it can help people get places they might not normally go. The City of Sydney recently put together their Draft Cultural Policy and Action Plan, to see how they could get people going out and participating in Sydney’s cultural scene. One thing they found was that it can be difficult to get to galleries, theatres, sporting games, festivals and other venues, especially if there’s no direct public transport from where you live. To drive means finding parking, not drinking or staying out later than anticipated, taking the fun out of an evening. The City found that if they can encourage carpooling, getting together people who live nearby and are going to the same event, then more people will go! With our people movers and convenient cars, GoGet is uniquely placed to help get people enjoying all Sydney has to offer. If you’d be interested in using GoGet to carpool and help people get to cultural events, let us know!   G3