GoGet for everyone

Thank your local council!

Love having GoGet cars just around the corner? Most likely you have your local council to thank for that! Councils provide most of the pods in our fleet, and they do an excellent job of facilitating car sharing in
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April 2016: CarShare for everyone

This month we have an Australian first that makes carshare more accessible, announce the launch of GoGet in a new city, offer a discount on some of our cars for the coming long weekend, and have a special tip
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Luxury at the swipe of a key

We like to tell people about the convenience and efficiency of GoGet, but there is one other important aspect for members, and that is LUXURY. The GoGet premium fleet services members that require a little extra sophistication, chauffeuring that
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GoGetting around Melbourne; the sustainable way

The National Gallery of Victoria has the world’s largest stained glass ceiling – 51 metres long by 15 metres wide. The world’s first feature film, the Story of the Ned Kelly Gang was filmed and made in Melbourne in
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Australian Innovation – GoGet is leading the way…

Back in February, word of our little project with UNSW hit the newsstands. The response to the public launch was overwhelming! The future of the car-sharing industry is here and we’re putting some big ideas into action. If you
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Car Hire vs Car Share – a real world example

Norah Head, Newcastle NSW Car hire or car share? The choice can sometimes be a little confusing comparing different companies, prices, comfort and accessibility. One of our new members gave us the low down as to how he made
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Expats experience their adopted cities with GoGet!

Are you new to Australia? Planning to stay a while? We’re guessing you can’t wait to get out and explore your new city, but you’re not yet ready to commit to something like buying a car. You’re not alone.
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Young drivers get going with GoGet

If there’s a downside to being young, it’s that car insurance can be pretty expensive compared to your older compadres. Whilst not all under 25s are dangerous drivers, collectively they’re often faced with higher premiums due to the likelihood
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