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Take the stress out of Airport pickups

Recently, we launched a new Sydney Airport pod to take the time, stress and cost out of airport pickups. No more queuing at taxi ranks, paying for parking or persuading a generous friend to brave the traffic to come
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GoGet Helps Rally The Future Against Cancer

GoGet has joined forces with two local Sydney businesses as they prepare for The Shitbox Rally, the largest private Cancer Council fundraiser in Australia. The Internets is led by Matt Griffin and David McGowan, owners of two of Australia’s
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GoGetting around Melbourne; the sustainable way

The National Gallery of Victoria has the world’s largest stained glass ceiling – 51 metres long by 15 metres wide. The world’s first feature film, the Story of the Ned Kelly Gang was filmed and made in Melbourne in
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Australian Innovation – GoGet is leading the way…

Back in February, word of our little project with UNSW hit the newsstands. The response to the public launch was overwhelming! The future of the car-sharing industry is here and we’re putting some big ideas into action. If you
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Car Sharing vs Car Buying – Piece of cake!

It’s not a groundbreaking discovery that car sharing is cheaper than owning a car. It can cost thousands of dollars a year in the city, especially if you factor in all the hidden costs, including parking! Who cares about
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GoGet makes you sexier!

A new study from l’Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, published in the International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, has found that people who carshare use a car 3.7 times less than car owners, use public transport 10-20% more often, and walk around 20%
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What is a GoGet stat?

Private cars removed from roads   Studies around the world have shown that for every carshare vehicle, between seven and twenty private cars can be taken off the road. That means households may sell a car or choose not to
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One million bookings and counting!

After 9 years and over a thousand cars in four cities across Australia, GoGet is thrilled to announce another milestone – our one millionth booking! Congratulations to Cate from Elizabeth Bay, NSW, who made the first seven-digit booking in
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