Do you know what the Go in GoGet stands for?

Honestly, neither do we. But it doesn’t stand for Go a really long way just to find a rental car. GoGet is all about convenience, so we put cars right where you need them, instead of asking you to come to a car rental office a long way from home or work.

But did you know GoGet has cars in CBD car parks? Yup, even in the city, where parking is a pain, there’s probably a GoGet at the end of your street. Here’s how GoGet makes CBD car hire easier than it’s ever been.

A lineup of GoGet cars in the Sydney CBD - goget has a range of CBD car hire vehicles including vans, suvs, and hatchbacks - these cars are at 201 Kent Street

How do I hire a car in the CBD?

Try searching for any of these terms:

  • Car hire Melbourne CBD
  • Car rental Sydney CBD
  • Car rental Brisbane CBD

What will you find? A whole lot of car hire companies with just one office in the CBD in those cities. Yes, you can hire a car in the CBD from them, but you’ll probably have to walk a few kilometres to their office.

There is a better way to hire a car in the CBD, whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane.

How do I use GoGet CBD car hire?

Well, it’s not really car hire – it’s car share. Once you’re a GoGet member, you’ll be able to book cars from the CBD just like you’d book any other GoGet car. You just find your closest GoGet car and book it for the time you need. Then you head to the car, probably down the road from you, and use your smart card to get in.

Now you can use the car however you want for the duration of your booking! That’s provided you don’t break the law 🤣

The only difference with GoGet’s CBD car hire is when you need to leave the car park. You’ll use a parking pass rather than taking a ticket. The pass is on a cord next to the steering wheel, somewhere near the fuel card (did you know we pay for petrol?). Swipe that card on the way in and out of the car park and you’ll be set!

Car hire Sydney CBD

GoGet has more cars for hire in Sydney CBD than any other car share company, and more than any traditional car hire company. GoGet has cars on street corners across Sydney CBD, as well as located in Sydney CBD car parks.

Sydney CBD car rental normally means you need to travel to a car rental company’s single CBD location to pick a car up. But there’s probably a GoGet car available really close to you – maybe in your building! With hundreds of GoGet rental cars in Sydney CBD, GoGet car share is much more convenient than regular car hire.

So where can you find GoGet car hire in Sydney CBD? Here’s a map of where GoGet cars can be found in Sydney city. You can find your nearest Sydney CBD car on GoGet’s car finder page.

Car rental Sydney CBD - all the GoGet car rental Sydney CBD options on a map of Sydney City

Car hire Melbourne CBD

GoGet has more rental cars in Melbourne CBD than any other provider, with hundreds of cars located across Melbourne City. You can find GoGet’s Melbourne cars in car parks, as well as in dedicated parking spots provided by the City of Melbourne.

Instead of hoofing it all the way to a car rental Melbourne CBD office to pick up a car, GoGet let’s you use cars close to where you work or live! Just book your nearest GoGet car, then swipe your smart card to get in. Then return it to it’s spot and head back to work, or back home!

Here are some of the places you can find a GoGet car that you can hire in Melbourne CBD. You can find your nearest Melbourne CBD car on GoGet’s car finder page.

Car hire Brisbane CBD

Of GoGet’s 100+ cars across Brisbane, most can be found in the CBD. That means whether you’re in Brisbane CBD for work or play, you’re just a short walk from GoGet’s CBD car hire. We’re in lots of Brisbane CBD car parks – just book your nearest GoGet and swipe on!

Here are all the locations you can find a GoGet in Brisbane CBD. You can find your nearest Brisbane CBD car on GoGet’s car finder page.

Car rental Brisbane CBD - all the GoGet car rental Brisbane CBD options on a map of Brisbane City

Keen to get going with easier CBD car hire?

Good! It takes just a few minutes to fill in our online application form, and we can have you driving within the hour if you pickup a smart card in person.

If you’re need a car for business, there are even better options on our highly discounted GoGet for Business plan, with zero upfront or ongoing fees! If you’re a small or large business struggling with growing fleet costs, you should definitely consider GoGet to help you save some serious money – here’s how.

We also have cheaper rates for seniors and students – but even on our normal plans, car hire is cheaper, easier, and more fun with GoGet!

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