Sydney CBD parking spaces are in high demand and not always easy to find. Not only is it a popular spot for tourists and families visiting places like the Opera House, The Art Gallery of New South Wales, and Darling Harbour, it’s also a busy business district with many people commuting to and from work.

Getting to the CBD in Sydney is best managed via public transport. There are buses that run in and around the city area, as well as trains, light rail and ferries with many stops and options for getting to the main attractions.

If there’s no way to avoid driving to the Sydney CBD, keep reading for our guide on the best and cheapest places to park your car once you get there.

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City of Sydney parking: Goulburn Street

The City of Sydney operates two car parks, one of them is the Goulburn St car park. This is a great parking location if you want to be close to Central Station or Pitt Street.

This carpark is open seven days – from 6am on Weekdays, 7am on Saturdays and 8.30am on Sundays. It has designated mobility car spaces and discounts available for hybrid vehicles. You’ll also find a lineup of GoGet Car Share cars there. Members can rent them for as little as an hour.

Parking fees are as follows:

Daytime rates

0–½ hour: $5
½–1 hour: $9
1–2 hours: $20
2–3 hours: $30
3–4 hours: $40
4+ hours: $49
Maximum rate: $49.

Evening, weekend and special rates

Monday to Friday evenings, entry after 5pm, exit before 6am next day: $10 flat rate
Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays: $12 flat rate 

Rooftop parking

Entry between 6am and 9.30am, exit between 3pm and 7pm.
Mon-Fri: $17

City of Sydney parking: Kings Cross Car Park

Kings Cross Car park is another car park run by The City of Sydney. This one provides 24 hours / 7-day access, with designated mobility spaces and discounts available for hybrid vehicles. You’ll also find a couple of GoGet cars there. If you’re a GoGet member, you can hire these cars from as little as an hour!

Parking fees are as follows:

Hourly rate

0–½ hour: Free
½–1 hour: $8
1–2 hours: $16
2–3 hours: $25
3–4 hours: $32
4+ hours: $40

Night rate $15

Available Monday to Thursday with entry after 6pm and exit before 6am the next day. The first 30 minutes are free.

Weekend day rate $15

Available Saturday and Sunday with entry after 6am and exit before 6pm the same day. The first 30 minutes are free.

Basement parking $15

Available Monday to Friday. Enter from 6am to 9am and exit from 4pm to 7pm. 

Street parking Sydney

Street parking in the CBD is hard to come by and can be expensive. Around a quarter of the City’s on-street parking is metered pay parking. Rates vary depending on the location and the time you are parking there.

However, if you only need to find a park for a short time, the City of Sydney has introduced free 15-minute parking in main street retail areas outside the city area. Look out for the signage outlining this option and press a button marked ‘1/4 P free with ticket’, then place the ticket on your dashboard. If you need to stay longer than 15 minutes you will need to put some money in the metre, of course.

Victor the Audi A3 Convertible in his pod in Kirribilli - cheap parking Sydney would be nice, but sometimes GoGet dedicated pods are the best option

If you don’t want to try your luck with street parking, Share with Oscar allows you to book cheap parking in the city in advance from just $15 a day or $4 per hour.

Share with Oscar Sydney CBD Parking

If you don’t want to try your luck with street parking, Share with Oscar allows you to book cheap parking in the city in advance from just $15 a day or $4 per hour.

Share with Oscar offers rates that are over 30% cheaper than booking somewhere else. There’s hundreds of options available in most parts of the city. The best part? Once you’ve booked, you can rest assured you’ll have guaranteed parking in the city for the day.

Book on the web here or download the app.

Early bird and pre-booked parking Sydney

You can save up to 60% on parking fees at some privately-owned parking garages in Sydney’s CBD if you pre-book your parking online.

Use the Secure-a-spot website to search for a location then enter your entry and exit time. When you book you’ll receive an entry code by email and will receive a 15-minute grace period prior to the entry time of your reservation. That’s handy if you get a little lost on the way there.

If you’re looking for all-day parking, the cheapest option is usually early-bird parking.

Both of the City of Sydney carparks offer early-bird rates and so do many of the privately-owned parking garages. Wilson parking and Secure parking are the two main options for private parking in Sydney. These companies offer discounts if you enter a car park before a certain time in the morning. That’s perfect if you can arrive early (you’ll also beat the traffic!).

Sydney parking permits

If you’re a City of Sydney resident or business owner, you might be eligible to apply for a parking permit. This may exempt you from parking limits and meter fees in some areas.

However, just because you have a parking permit that won’t guarantee a parking spot on the busy CBD streets.


The Parkopedia website allows you to search for parking options by location. This handy website lists prices, mobility options, the number of spaces available and the early-bird and night special rates. It also sorts parking spaces by distance, allowing you to find the best choice based on your budget and where you need to get to.

The best part of this website is that it shows real-time parking availability. It shows available options from street parking, car parks and private spaces. Where applicable, it also allows you to book and pay for your parking space online.

Can GoGet help you avoid parking in Sydney?

While it won’t be the best option on every trip across Sydney, GoGet Car Share can make parking a bit easier. We have around 2,000 cars across Sydney available for hire, parked on streets and in car parks where members need them. There could be one at the end of your street! (Click here to find it) Best of all, GoGet cars have their own parking spots when they’re not booked.

GoGet might stop you from needing to park in Sydney CBD at all! You might be able to take public transport into town, then book a GoGet for the rest of your trip. Or you could grab a GoGet from the city after a (sober) night out, then return it before work in the morning!

To find out more about GoGet, check out our home page, our car share pricing, then click the button below to sign up!

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