In our last newsletter, we asked our members to share their stories of ditching a clunker and joining GoGet. Here are their stories.


"Mitsubishi Lancer GL (3)" by FotoSleuth - Mitsubishi Lancer GL Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

My 10.5 year old Mitsubishi Mirage sat in the street and was covered in spiderwebs. Less than 50,000 on the clock. Occasionally it had to be driven just to charge the battery. Couldn’t be bothered to sell it but that was all taken care of when I heard an almighty crash at midnight and discovered my car was on the footpath, impaled by a boat and trailer. I have photos!!!

That was nearly five years ago and I haven’t looked back. GoGet suits me just fine. Even on Christmas Day when I had to book at last minute when my boyfriend’s car wasn’t available. Can’t picture ever owning a car again.


I had a VW Polo Match which I drove for nearly ten years.

VW Polo III by Rudolf Stricker - Own work. Licensed under Attribution via Wikimedia Commons.

I really liked it and it was zippy in and around the city, but it really was getting more gutless with age. It was also getting more costly to maintain, with services increasingly costing in the range of $1000-$2000 a hit.

I didn’t use it much because I rely on public transport for most of my travel, but I need a car to see my mum and family, and the odd trip to see friends who don’t live near me. I ended up selling it through a private sale and it fetched a small sum, but I would’ve been in a significant debt if I had bought another car to replace it.

To be honest, I wouldn’t have sold it at all if it weren’t for GoGet, which a friend of mine highly recommended. There are heaps of GoGet cars around where I live and it’s been affordable and the service has been good.

So, happy days to a greener existence!


"97 Honda Civic 3-Door" by Bull-Doser - Own work. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

I had a 19 year old Honda Civic for about 3 and a half years. Other than battery problems it was generally quite reliable until last year when I had to spend about $1300 on it to keep it on the road. I couldn’t justify a new car as I didn’t use it a lot, but I didn’t want to sell either. Anyway, being an old car, the alarm was dysfunctional and so it was disconnected.

Only a couple of months later, I was walking towards my car only to find two strangers sitting in it. They had just started the engine and drove away – to my astonishment – almost running me over in the process. I later discovered via the police that the car was stolen as a getaway car for a jewellery heist.

It was recovered but with a lot of damage to the door and steering and I just couldn’t afford to get it repaired. Sadly, I left it at the car yard. I knew about GoGet, and I also knew that I couldn’t afford, or justify, a new car. So I joined GoGet, and it’s true that I would be unlikely to have access to a car now without it. GoGet is such a lifesaver for me. What a great idea it is!


"Nissan-720" by IFCAR - Own work. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

I was given a 1984 Nissan 720 ute 2 years ago for a slab of beer. It was a project that I loved at the start as I learned about the engine and cut rust out myself. I enjoyed the kudos of being a chick with a ute, & when I got a dog as well, life felt really sweet.

But when I wasn’t able to do the great things I wanted to with my ute, like weekends away or getting gear to events for work with Magnificent Revolution, because the ute had started behaving badly, she felt more like a trophy husband than a partner.

While I had learned lots about the engine and general mechanics, managing her was too much work for me. I found myself hiring vans for work & not going on weekends away. When I moved to Melbourne, I started using GoGet. When I realised how cost effective it could be to hire a GoGet for long haul trips over multiple days, I thought GoGet was a better option than owning my car. The vehicles are reliable, comfortable, and I can hire whatever vehicle type I need for the specific job.

When the overheating and back firing started before rego was due with my ute, I decided to let her go. I put her up on Gumtree & sold her within 24 hours to a guy looking for a project. I got a bit more than a slab for her, but I had put a lot of love in over the years.

So now I get around on my bicycle all the time, and use GoGet for moving and the occasional job. I also use GoGet for event jobs in Sydney.

Why I love GoGet:

  • It is so convenient & reliable
  • I love that petrol is included in the hire fee as it makes it cheaper than any other hire company I have come across in Australia
  • The company’s ethos is about getting cars off the road & people sharing

I miss my ute, but I don’t miss the hassles and expense.


"1988 Mitsubishi Magna (TN) Executive sedan (2008-08-09)" by Mattinbgn. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

It was an ’89 Magna. I loved it because it was in amazing condition (had only driven 100k), had all the extras you could think of (even a digital speedo!), and lots of sentimental value because I’d had it for a while. But despite looking and feeling amazing, the transmission and the radiator kept needing to be fixed.

I live in the inner west and for a while I knew I no longer ‘needed’ my own car, but I still felt sad about giving up on it … until I found out it would probably cost a few thousand dollars to fix. (There’s a reason you don’t see these on the road any more.)

I sold it on eBay for about $200 – a steal!

I miss it, but I definitely don’t miss all the effort that goes into maintaining a car.

I wouldn’t NEED to get a new car if it wasn’t for GoGet, but having access to a share car makes a lot more things possible, at a fraction of the effort of actually owning one.


"2001-2002 Toyota Echo (NCP13R) Sportivo 3-door hatchback 02" by OSX - Own work. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

We previously had a 2002 Toyota Echo (3 door) which was not a typical old bomb, but was costing us over $2000 a year despite rarely using it. Eventually we sold the car to a friend who was about to become a student again and appreciated a small car at a reduced sale price.

At the time, we were living in Waterloo with many GoGets very close by. We then decided to buy our first home, and one of the criteria for the location was that GoGets would be available. We chose Parramatta so that we could still have the benefits of GoGet and not need to buy a new car.


Story of a 2 car family and one of the cars a 2003 Citroen C5 wagon with 200,000+ kms on the clock.

The C5 was purchased 18 months ago for $4,700

I spent:

  • $600 fixing the air conditioning

  • $2,790 fixing it (brakes, etc.) ahead of rego

  • $329 for 2013 rego

  • $788.07 for Green Slip

    "Citroen C5 Kombi front 20071112" by Rudolf Stricker - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

  • $180 to fix the lights

  • $1,207 to fix the power steering

  • $600 for new tyres

  • $1,192 to fix oil leaks & get 2014 rego

  • $800 for rego & Green Slip

  • $2,109 to fix the power steering (again)

Total for 18 months: $11,195 for a $4,700 car.

Citroen, it is a French word that my son and his friends pronounce: Chit-one.

I loved driving the car and it had a key that I could tie on the strap of my wetsuit when I went surfing.

Then last week the automatic gearbox started to not like going into reverse (clutch slip). The quote to fix that problem was $4,500 – which exceeded what I thought of as the value of the car.

Also the C5 required 95 octane fuel so it was costing $80-$100 a month to fill the tank. ULP is advertised at a “cheap” price but 95 is always that much more expensive.

The car to its credit got 8-10 litres per 100 kms.

The repairer who quoted the transmission repair is arranging to dispose of, or sell, the car. I expect that it will have little or no net value.

We shall see what happens when my wife and I share her car, first time in 30 years.  The GoGet account is ready in case we need it.