Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like cruising with the top down, the wind blowing through your hair, while you control over a powerful, damn sexy car! Driving a convertible is an awesome experience, and everyone should do it at least once. They’re also great cars to make a very good impression!

But buying a convertible is expensive, and not always practical. Luckily, there are a few option for convertible car hire in Australia, which lets you drive a convertible without owning one. Your options include car share companies like GoGet, the convertible car hire offerings of traditional car rental companies, or the convertibles on peer-to-peer car rental networks.

There are pros and cons of each, mostly around costs, availability, and quality of the convertibles for hire. We think GoGet convertible car hire is the most flexible of the lot, and our membership model means we can offer great cars for low prices, from as little as an hour at a time.

This article lays out all your options, so you can decide what’s best for you.

A white GoGet Audi A3 parked by the sea - the open ocean crashing against a rocky headland in the background

How to hire a convertible with GoGet

Unlike traditional car hire companies, you don’t need to go to a dedicated office to hire a convertible with GoGet. We have convertibles located across Melbourne and Sydney, close to where our members live and work. We have lots of convertibles, which maintains good availability, so you’re more likely to get a convertible when you want one.

To hire a convertible, you first need to sign up to GoGet. Membership starts at $49 a year, which lets you hire GoGet vehicles for a full 12 months. Now, book a convertible for a few hours or a few days on the website, or via our apps for iPhone or Android.

Once you’ve booked a car, just travel to where it lives (its pod) and swipe on with your new GoGet smart card, just like you would an Opal or Myki card. Now the car is yours to enjoy! We cover the cost of petrol, cleaning, and maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about extra costs – just cruise!

Find your closest GoGet convertible!

What convertibles can you hire with GoGet

We currently have two styles of convertible in our fleet, the BMW 220i and the Audi A3. You’ll find them parked on-street and in parking lots across Sydney and Melbourne, where they can be booked and picked up from anytime.

The Audi A3’s have been with GoGet for a few years, and have proved to be one of our most popular cars, leading us to increase their number several times.

A white GoGet branded A3 convertible parking at the head above bondi beach - convertible car hire in Sydney is easier with GoGet

A white Audi A3 overlooking the ocean

Recently, GoGet’s convertible car hire options have increased, with the addition of the BMW 220i. With more power and new luxury features, the BMW 220i convertible has lifted GoGet’s convertible car hire offering to a whole new level.

A GoGet branded BMW 220i convertible for hire in Sydney's Central Park - GoGet convertible car hire offers the BMW by the hour or day

The BMW 220i, GoGet’s newest convertible offering

GoGet members can hire the Audi A3 convertibles in Melbourne and Sydney. The BMW 220i convertible can be hired by GoGet members in Sydney.

We also have non-convertible luxury car hire options. Our Audi A1’s offer many of the luxury features of the A3 convertible, in a hard top package.

Who else offers convertible car hire?

Only two of the traditional car rental companies in Australia offer convertible car hire, Hertz and Europcar.

Hertz Australia have two convertibles on their website, the Porsche Boxster and the Ford GT Mustang. However, we had a hard time finding them on the booking website to compare prices. The folks at Ride Hacks had similar trouble – they say the Mustang doesn’t show up in searches, and the Porsche Boxster is only available in Brisbane. Hertz convertible car hire isn’t very flexible, as it has a 3 day minimum rental period. You might be able to negotiate this down to a single day, but with GoGet you can book it by the hour any time.

Europcar has the largest range of convertibles of the traditional car hire companies offering Mercedes-Benz and BMW convertibles, including the BMW 220i. The website says the convertibles have low availability, which we figure might be because they only have a few in each city.

You’ll also find a handful of convertibles from peer-to-peer car rental networks like DriveMyCar. These convertibles vary in age as they are owned by individuals rather than the company. Some are new, some are old, but that means some are a bit cheaper. On DriveMyCar, you need to hire cars for a minimum of 7 days.

Convertible car hire rates comparison

Because GoGet is a membership based service, we have a few different pricing options on convertible car hire, depending on which plan you’re on.

If you want to use other GoGet vehicles like our hatchbacks, vans, utes, and people movers, you can save money by signing up to GoFrequent. GoFrequent has a membership fee of $30 per month, but offers much lower hourly rates. If you’ll only use GoGet every now and then, the GoStarter membership is just $49 per year, but the hourly rates are higher.

Because the convertibles available for hire vary, proper comparisons are hard, but we’ve done what we can here.

GoGet Convertible Car Hire Rates:

GoGet Audi A3 convertible:
Hourly Bookings: $12.35 on GoFrequent; $18.50 on GoStarter. Only pay for what you drive, $0.40 per km
Day Bookings: $119 on GoFrequent; $139 on GoStarter. Includes 120km free + $0.25 per extra km
GoGet BMW 220i convertible:
Hourly Bookings: $13.95 on GoFrequent; $20.50 on GoStarter. Only pay for what you drive, $0.40 per km
Day Bookings: $130 on GoFrequent, $155 on GoStarter. Includes 120km free + $0.25 per extra km
All rates include the cost of fuel (via a fuel car in the car).

Hertz Convertible Car Hire Rates:

From RideHacks.com:

Porsche Boxster:
1 day: $426.62
2 day: $853.51
3 day: $1,151.51
120km per day included, additional km charged at $1 per/km. Petrol is not included.

Europcar Convertible Car Hire Rates:

BMW 2 Series Convertible
We found it from: $181.71 per day
But it got up to: +$200
200km per day included. Petrol is not included.

DriveMyCar Convertible Car Hire Rates:

BMW 2 series:
$103.97 per day, minimum 7 days
$727.79 minimum cost (all 7 days)
Fuel is not included. 100km per day included. $0.40 per extra km.

NB: Every convertible car hire option will see some sort of pre-authorisation charge. These are temporary holds placed on your debit or credit card, which are normally released within 10 business days, a bit like a deposit. The amount varies from service to service, but it’s normally in the hundreds. GoGet issues a one time $1 pre-authorisation at sign up, and then a $1 pre-authorisation with each booking.

What’s the best convertible car hire option?

There isn’t one. What you choose will depend on what kind of car you’re after, and how long you want to use it for.

GoGet’s convertible car hire option gives you the best of every option. Our cars are new and high quality, located in convenient spots around the city (including major airports), and are available at a significantly cheaper rate than traditional car hire. Unlike traditional convertible car hire, you can hire a vehicle for as little as an hour, or for multiple days (or weeks!).

If you’re ready for flexible convertible car hire for short and long trips, join GoGet today.

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