SvenWe’ve got a New Year’s resolution for your business: If you run a company or business and want the benefit of a low cost, fully managed car fleet, this system is for you.

GoGet can take the burden of fleet management off your hands, freeing up extra capacity on hours otherwise wasted on finding out who backed into a pole or spilt their entire smoothie all over the upholstery. It happens. With a sophisticated monitoring system, petrol, risk management, maintenance and servicing, convenient locations and guaranteed parking taken care of, our fully managed fleet can be used as your own.

So we’re putting it to you: Instead of buying and managing your own company car fleet, you can book GoGet cars for as little as an hour, over the internet whenever you need them.

The benefits extend beyond spilt milk and damaged paintwork:

  • Car sharing helps position your company as eco-friendly and forward thinking
  • helping also to meet emissions requirements and corporate environmental responsibility
  • We cut transportation costs, taking care of everything: fuel, damage/liability, protection and maintenance
  • You are supported by us, as a fleet manager
  • Careful monitoring

Worried about the location of share vehicles? We’ve got the answer for that too:

SONY DSCPODS – not the TV snacks, but easy to reach street side car parks or garages in close proximity to the office.

As we recognised the growing needs of companies, we sought a workable and convenient service, moving closer to business and industrial hubs, like those at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney. We intend to replicate this in other sprawling business centres nationwide.

In the meantime, our maintenance system acts as a little blackbox, helping to solve the mystery of the spilt milk or the damage to the passenger side door. The system monitors who and when, which ensures no misuse of the fleet as the data is matched to individual swipe keys. We’re finding the system is working to ensure the sophistication of the corporate car share experience is always in mint condition.

For any company, large or small, needing a full-time fleet or private transport for ad-hoc deliveries, car sharing can provide convenient, autonomous, clean and new transport without the company car burdening the bottom line for 2014.