Did you know that Debit Mastercard holders can score a year’s free GoGet membership? Just head to Mastercard’s debit rewards page and hit the link. Yep, it’s that easy.

Actually, there’a whole bunch of killer offers you’ve got access to as a debit Mastercard holder. That includes regular competitions you can enter, no purchase necessary. You really should check them out.

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A GoGet Corolla at Albert Park Lake in Melbourne, with the Lake and the City in the background

What does a free GoStarter membership get me?

Almost one hundred thousand people across Australia have already experienced how GoGet helps them get around without owning a car (or without owning a second car).

GoStarter gets your foot in the door. You’ll have full access to book our full fleet of cars, which includes runabouts, vans, and convertibles. Whatever kind of trip you need to take, odds are good that we’ve got something that’ll suit you.

If you like our vibe, you can stay on for another year (annual GoStarter membership is only $49) or upgrade to a higher plan.

Our top plan, GoFrequent is $30 a month, but the hourly and daily rates are way cheaper! Car share really comes into it’s own when you use it instead of owning a car. Do the numbers, and you’ll probably find you can save money using GoGet instead!

(We’ve already figured out how much car ownership really costs – a lot!)

Why are you still waiting?

If there’s one of those little cards in your wallet, join today and see how the service fits to your life!

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What if I don’t have a debit Mastercard?

If you don’t have a debit Mastercard, then congratulations on getting this far down the page!

The good news is you can still join GoGet – just head to our sign-up page to get the process started!

While we can’t offer straight-up free membership, if you know a GoGet member, you can both score booking credit with our refer-a-friend promo! Just put their full name in the ‘How did you hear about us’ section of the join form and we’ll give you both $25 booking promos!

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