Merry Christmas dear GoGetters! 2014 has been a massive year for GoGet, and we’d like to say a big thank you for your support. This year we passed 2 million bookings, 50 000 members and 1700 cars. We launched our iPhone app (at last), opened pods in Sydney, Melbourne and now Brisbane airports, and rolled out a new-look booking system and monthly invoice. There’s still heaps in our pipeline, so 2015 is set to be an even bigger year. Hold on to your hats!

Departing from Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Visiting (or escaping) family in Brisbane over Christmas? We have a treat for you! We now have a pod at Brisbane Airport, so you can zip away from arrivals under your own steam and have a car for your entire trip. Roshan the Corolla is currently at Andrews Airport Parking, and will be joined by another car before Christmas. Book in early, because they’re definitely going to be popular over the holidays.

Peak Car

7.30 “We true blue Aussies love us our cars”, but as this 7.30 piece shows, the love affair is well and truly ending. Our co-founder Bruce is featured, and points out that smartphones are supplanting cars as status symbols, and even as “freedom machines” connecting friends to each other as cars once did. Watch the segment on the ABC website.

Give GoGet for Christmas

GoGet GiftWant to give your friends some wheels this Christmas? Give them a GoGet membership! You can buy your loved ones access to hundreds of cars near them, and freedom from all the costs and hassles of car ownership. We’ll even chip in, matching your gift in driving credit – up to $200 for a GoFrequent membership. If your friends are already GoGet members, why not throw some driving credit their way? We’ll send you a nicely designed card to give them, and promise not to ruin the surprise. Give us a call on 1300 769 389 to organise GoGet as a gift, or request a call-back here.

New Cars and Pods

We’ve been busy this month, with nearly 70 new pods added in Sydney in the past month. That’s far too many to fit in this newsletter, so check out the full list here. Thanks to our Council and developer partners, we’ve added the following new Melbourne locations:

… and thanks to our developer and parking partners, we’ve added the following new Brisbane locations:

Tip of the MonthSign

Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind… except those who illegally park in GoGet pods! When you can’t park in a pod because somebody else has, you should know to SMS us on 0427 777 769 with the car’s new parking spot. However, did you know you can also include the offending car’s number plate? That way we can report them, and they’ll get a little Christmas present in the post from Council.

Rydeing High

Top Ryde City2 Ryde is somewhere we’ve always wanted to expand into, so we’re really happy to announce our new pod in Top Ryde City Shopping Centre! There are 2 vans and a Yaris already there, and soon they’ll be joined by three more. Top Ryde is home to a lot of apartments with nearby shops, schools and fun things to do, and we’ve already heard from residents that they want GoGet so they can get rid of their cars. We’re only too happy to oblige, and hope that Top Ryde can serve as a model for car free living in suburban centres all across Sydney.

Snag a city car for Christmas

Martin Place We have a lot of cars in the CBD – but you don’t normally see the orange wing mirror on city streets. Hidden in commercial car parks, hotels and buildings are secret city pods, used mostly by businesses during the work week. With fewer meetings to go to, people to visit and things to see, our city cars will start to get a little lonely as the year comes to a close. So they can go out and stretch their legs, we’re offering you great long-term rates on these cars. Book a CBD car from December 20th to January 10th for 3 days or longer, and pay just $47 per day! Shorter bookings get cheaper too, as we’ll be lifting the premium location surcharge on these pods over this period – saving $1 per hour or $10 per day. Check out the eligible pods in Sydney here, and in Melbourne here, make your own booking, and forward your booking confirmation to Sorry, this offer is not available to Brisbane and Adelaide CBD pods.

Adopt a car for New Years Eve

Sy Fireworks Pan Do the crowds, revelry and fireworks of New Years Eve freak you out? If so, we have a great offer for getting to somewhere else you’d rather be. With road closures and clearways over December 30 and 31, some of our cars aren’t invited to the party. We need you to adopt these cars and keep them out of their pods. We’re offering 2 days for the price of 1 on cars on affected streets in various suburbs. You’ll need to take extra special care of them, and make sure they’re not in their pods for the 30th and 31st of December. If that’s sounds like a responsibility you’re up to, register your interest here. This offer is valid for Sydney only.

Cool things our members are doingWattcost Beacon

If you’ve ever been a little curious about smart homes and the “internet of things”,Wattcost promises to be an easy way to turn your collection of “dumb” appliances into a high-tech connected home! GoGet member David Soutar has developed a smart little gadget that tracks and reports on your electricity use. It just sticks onto the outside of your meter, and listens in. Because every appliance has its own electricity signature, it tells you what’s turned on, how much power it uses, and what you can do to reduce your energy use – all delivered to your smartphone in real time. Preorders for the Beacon get $50 off, and GoGet members get an extra $10 off, so you can buy the US$149 device for just US$89! To watch the video and order one of your own, check out the Wattcost website and use the promo code GOGET10.

Christmas #lifehack

Cringing Family at Television It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Tis the season for family Christmas get togethers, featuring all the seasonal favourites of drunk uncles, awkward politics and simmering family feuds. Blame it on the heat, but Christmas with the family can be better short and sweet. This year, give yourself a time limit and drive yourself with GoGet – and set a return time as close as possible after mealtime! Say no to getting a lift with your sister who always ends up staying the night. Decline the silent cab ride with distant family friends. You can blame your early departure on GoGet (“somebody else might have it, you see…”), we don’t mind! Have a great Christmas everybody, we hope you do have a great time with friends and family, and we’ll see you in the new year. Stay safe! The GoGet Team Carshare Australia Pty Ltd 37 St Johns Road Glebe NSW 2037