There’s nothing like a run on the beach with your best mate! Despite how much fun they are, dog friendly beaches are tough to find in most Australian cities.

Today, we’ve done the looking for you. Read on for our favourite dog friendly beaches in Brisbane. If you’re in another state, check out guides for dog beaches in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

A white dog playing with a ball on a beach

Dog Friendly Beaches near Brisbane

Brisbane is a tricky city to find beaches in, let alone dog friendly beaches! But with the Sunshine Coast to the north and the Gold Coast to the South, there are plenty of incredible spots for you and your pup to run and swim a short drive away.

Our lists begins with the best dog friendly beaches in Brisbane, then includes the best dog friendly beaches near Brisbane.

1. Tuckeroo Park (Nudgee Beach dog park)

It’s probably dishonest to call this a beach – it’s a park in the suburb of Nudgee beach. There is water though – the park borders the mouth of Kendron Brook. As a result, you’ll have to be okay with your dog jumping around in what is essentially a mud beach, rather than sand. Luckily, there’s a tap you can use to rinse your dog when the fun’s over.

The beach itself is on-leash, as there are often people line fishing. The dog park next to beach is off-leash though, so you can still let your dog go for a run. Being so close to the river, mosquito repellent is a must, and there are no nearby public toilets.

Here’s Tuckeroo Dog Park on Google Maps.

Nudgee Beach, a dog friendly beach near Brisbane, on a clear day

Image: Kgbo

2. Colmslie Recreation Reserve

This isn’t technically a beach, but there’s easy access to Brisbane River just 20 minutes from Brisbane CBD. This one’s a two-fer, doubling as one of Brisbane’s best dog parks and one of Brisbane’s best dog beaches.

The reserve is home to play equipment, toilets, and barbecue facilities, so can cater for a full day out. Dog-wise, the reserve is off leash 24 hours.

Here’s Colmslie Recreation Reserve on Google Maps.

Two Brisbanites walking along the sand at Colmslie Recreation Reserve, a dog friendly beach in Brisbane


3. Bribie Island (South Coast)

Bribie Island isn’t far from Brisbane, although at just under two hour’s drive from the CBD it’s more of a day trip. It’s worth it though, as the entire south coast of Bribie Island is dog friendly.

Large surf can be found on the southeast coast near Woorim beach, although the sand can get a little narrow at high tide. There are more protected areas in the southwest near Red Beach.

Here’s Woorim Beach on Google Maps, and here’s Red Beach.

Woorim Beach on Bribie Island, a dog friendly beach near Brisbane

Image: Michael Zimmer

4. Palm Beach, Gold Coast

If you’re on the Gold Coast with a pup, this is a great spot. The dog friendly section of the beach stretches from Palm Beach Parklands around to Currumbin Creek, right at the south end of the beach.

The off-leash part of the beach has very calm surf. The surf beach is a short walk away and is also dog friendly, but on-leash. This might just be the best dog beach in the Brisbane area – it’s definitely worth checking out.

Here’s Palm Beach on Google Maps.

Palm Beach on the Gold Coast, a dog friendly beach near Brisbane

Image: Aussie~mobs

5. Dog Beach, Noosa

Some very imaginative folks that named this beach in Noosa! 😂

This stretch of sand is at the Spit end of Hastings Street. Like most of Noosa’s coastline, it’s mind-blowingly beautiful. You and your fur-baby will love the white sand, crystal clear water, and all of your new puppy friends!

Here’s Noosa Dog Beach on Google Maps.

a dog running along a dog beach near Brisbane

6. Buddina Off-Leash Area

The Sunshine Coast is home to everyone who loves the sun – no matter how many legs they have! Buddina’s off-leash beach is at the base of Point Cartwright, and really is one of the best dog beaches in the country, let alone Queensland.

There are lots of dog bags available, and there should be plenty of other dogs for your pup to play with. There’s also an off-leash dog park behind the beach if you and your dog get tired of the sand, however unlikely.

Here’s Buddina off-leash area on Google maps.

The sun rises over the swash on Budinna beach

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