We love dogs at GoGet, and we know that Melbournians love their pups as much as anyone! Dog friendly beaches near Melbourne are a little tough to find, but we’ve done the looking for you.

Here’s the list of the best dog friendly beaches in Melbourne, followed by the best dog friendly beaches near Melbourne. If you’re in another state, check out guides for dog beaches in SydneyBrisbane, and Adelaide.

1. Brighton Dog Beach

Brighton Dog Beach is probably the best dog friendly beach near Melbourne. I mean, Dog is literally this Beach’s middle name.

This patch of sand was made specifically for dogs to run an play in the surf. There’s a purpose build fenced-off section for dogs to run around off leash, so you can sit back while your pup makes friends. With all the dog owners that love this beach, you might make some friends too!

Brighton is especially lovely at the end of the day, as the sun sets over the yachts.

Here’s Brighton Dog Beach on Google Maps.

Maggie, a white dog, running through the water at Brighton Dog beach, a dog friendly beach near Melbourne

Image: Cazz

2. PA Burns Reserve at Altona Beach

Altona Beach is one of Melbourne’s favourites, just southeast of the CBD. However, just east of Altona is arguably the best dog friendly beach and park combination in Melbourne. Along with the dog friendly PA Burns Reserve, the connecting Seaholme Bay Beach is an unrestricted dog friendly beach.

It’s ideal at low tide, as you lost a lot of the beach when the ocean comes up.

Here’s Altona Dog Beach on Google Maps.

Crowds enjoy the sun on Altona Beach in Melbourne, one of the closest dog friendly beaches to the city

3. St Kilda West Beach

The City of Port Philip has set aside an impressive amount of St Kilda Beach for dog owners, so there’s plenty of room to run. You do need to make sure you’re in the right areas for off-leash play though, as they change throughout the year. You can find all the details here.

With the exception of the area around the inlet, all of West Beach down St Kilda Harbour to the base of the pier is off-leash all the time. Between April 1st and October 31st, the main stretch of St Kilda Beach is also off-leash 24 hours.

Here is West Beach on Google Maps.

St Kilda Beach Melbourne, a dog friendly beach in Melbourne at certain times of the year

Image: Alpha

4. Sandy Gully Beach, Aireys Inlet

Aireys Inlet is a little out of the way, about a 1.5 hour drive south east of the city. That said, it’s perfect for shaggy surfer dogs with shaggy surfer owners, as Aireys Inlet is one of the few off leash beaches in the state with decent surf!

To get to this surfer and dog friendly beach you’ll need to head west, out past Anglesea. Some beaches are off least 24 hours, while the main section of Sandy Gully Beach is only off-leash between 7pm and 9am. Check here for all the details.

Here’s Aireys Inlet on Google Maps.

The headland stretching over Aireys Beach, waves crashing in the cove below, clouds overhead

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