c0038462-c6a4-4a77-aafe-bada6c015a74 (1)A regular feature of our newsletters is “cool things our members are doing”. This month, we’ve got so much to share, we’ve dedicated almost the whole newsletter to it! We’ve also got some tips for keeping cool, and doing cool things of your own. Don’t forget to check out our specials page for pods on special near you, and all our current offers.

Queen’s Birthday long weekend

A lightouse upon a cliff with a perfect blue sky for copyspace. Historic Barrenjoey Lighthouse at Palm Beach, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaEach year, the Queen’s Birthday marks the middle of the year, and the real onset of winter. We’re not quite there yet, but it’s time to start thinking about the long weekend on June 13th. If you book a car for 3 days or longer between the 10th and 14th of June, you can get 1 day free! Just book an economy car in a CBD pod, and use the promo code QBD16 for the discount to apply. See our specials page for all the details. The Queen’s Birthday long weekend is also the last long weekend we get for a while, so we hope you get to do something nice and enjoy it.

Making changes

ChangesCancelling on a meeting, a party or a family gathering can sometimes be one of life’s little indulgences. But even if you always stick to plans, not everybody else is so reliable, which can leave you with a booking you don’t need. We understand that plans change, so we’re changing our cancellation policy.

From today, you’ll be able to cancel, reschedule or make changes to your GoGet booking with less notice:

  • GoFrequent, GoOccasional and business members: 8 hours before your booking starts

  • GoStarter and GoStudent members: 12 hours before your booking starts

Remember, if you need to make a change quickly after making your booking, there is a 1 hour grace period if it hasn’t already started. Also, extensions are always possible, so long as nobody has booked immediately after you.

Rate your happiness

NPS croppedHere at GoGet, we’re really interested in the happiness of our members. That’s why we regularly send out surveys asking how it’s going, and if there’s anything we can do to make you happier. If you’re familiar with NPS, you’ll know the question and the 1-10 scale. If you’re not, we ask how likely you are to recommend GoGet to people you know, as an indication of your satisfaction and happiness with us. Next time you get an email that looks like this, please take a minute to click a number and write us a short note. However you’re feeling on the day, we appreciate all responses – and we do read all the comments!

Tip of the month

75ca8b0b-9e76-4a0e-976f-32d1d33b27f8Out of control car alarms are possibly the least cool thing. They stress you out, wake up the neighbours, and make passers by look at you like you might be a criminal. This month’s Tip of the Month is about how you can avoid our car alarms going off, because it’s not something anyone wants to go through. As a security measure, GoGet cars lock themselves after 10 minutes of inactivity. If you then attempt to start the car, the alarm will probably sound. To avoid this, if you take more than 10 minutes after swiping on to chat to Mum on the phone, load the boot or strap in a little one, just make sure the light on the card reader is still flashing. If it’s steady, that means the car is locked, so swipe your card again so that the light flashes. If you ever do trigger the alarm, stay cool and wait for it to finish. Swipe your card on the reader, so that the light starts flashing again, and start the car.

New cars and pods

New cars and pods

New cars and pods

New to the University of Queensland

Friday January 19, 2007. Queensland Education and Training International ( QETI ) Study Queensland Photo Shoot. photographs: Queensland Education and Training International ( QETI ) /Tony Phillips photo@phototonyphillips.comIn partnership with UQ, we recently launched a GoGet pod on campus, right outside the Social Sciences and Humanities Library.

If you know anybody who studies at UQ, tell them about our great GoStudent offer. Full time students don’t pay anything to join or keep their account open, and get our lowest rates – just $6.50/hour and $76/day.

It’s not just them that gets a great deal. If they mention your name in the application, you’ll both get $25 driving credit! To make it easy, this link has your name already pre-filled.


SydneyvisionSydney is a lot like Europe. Our suburbs are a collection of loosely unified entities, each with their own language, culture, sense of humour and political views, at any moment threatening to fall apart… Well maybe we’re not quite Europe, but Sydneyvision is our answer to Eurovision, with each suburb sending representatives to sing for the glory of their homeland. If you feel pride in your suburb, sign up to create a song and a music video to demonstrate your patriotism. GoGet is a major sponsor of Sydneyvision this year, and we’re offering a $2000 prize to the winners. The winner will also get to play at Newtown Festival with a slot in the 2016 lineup. There are cash prizes for runners up too, so watch last year’s winner, and if you think you can do as good, better, or even a bit worse, get your entry started here. As part of the sponsorship, Sydneyvision is making a little ad for GoGet. We don’t know much about it yet, but they’ve sent us this teaser. We’re a little scared – but thank you!

I can do that!

tyreCalling everyone who want to get hands on, learn how to change a tyre safely, and feel more confident on the road!

GoGet member Barbara has been very cool and volunteered her time to teach small, hands-on workshops for members who might currently feel unsure about what to do when a tyre goes kaput. Barbara’s a great teacher, and will give you the tools to feel confident in those most stressful of times.

Each workshop has a maximum of 8 participants, and men are also welcome to join in on the first and third workshops. Please email us with your preferred workshop time to register.

  • 8.00am Saturday 21 May – Pyrmont
  • 8.00am Saturday 28 May – Glebe (women only)
  • 8.00am Saturday 4 June – Surry Hills
  • 8.00am Saturday 11 June – Marrickville (women only)

Good Cycles’ cool new project

Goodcycles We’ve talked about Good Cycles before. They’re a fabulous not-for-profit bike service shop in Docklands, who view bikes as not just a tool for getting around, but as an agent for change. To expand their amazing service, Good Cycles are planning an exciting new Community Bike Hub at the Harbour Esplanade, right outside one of the busiest bike routes in Melbourne. The hub will allow them to expand their social service, of giving disadvantaged people skills and training, but will also be a great space for promoting cycling and bringing the cycling community together. Places Victoria are excited by their vision and the possibilities of the Community Bike Hub, so they’re matching all pledges on their fundraising page. That means every dollar you donate gets doubled by the state government! So if you want to see this cool new hub up and running, donate today.

Open table

O tableFood waste is a huge, and growing, problem in Australia. To help divert some of the millions of kilos of food that is thrown away from going to landfill, there are great services like SecondBite and Foodbank that collect and distribute surplus food. There are also supermarkets and community gardens that are always looking for people to take their food waste. However, what to do with all this free food requires some unique solutions, and we think our members Open Table have a great approach. Open Table uses the idea of people coming together at the table over a free meal as something more interesting than filling bellies. By bringing people from all cross sections of society together to share a meal, Open Table events build understanding and appreciation, and help everyone develop social skills and connect with other people. Check out the Open Table website to find a lunch or a dinner near you, and go and enjoy a delicious and lovingly prepared meal with your neighbours while keeping food out of landfill. You’ll feel awesome for it!

Bike n’ Blend

Bike n BlendLooking for a fun activity that will get people engaged and keep them happy? Whether you’re managing a festival, organising a conference or opening a new store, getting people engaged can be a bit of a challenge.

It’s a simple enough concept: Pedal powered blenders! By combining creativity, a bit of physical activity and the promise of a delicious treat at the end, Bike n’ Blend is a unique experimental marketing opportunity.

Bike n’ Blend use GoGet vans to get their gear to your events, and offer packages for all event sizes and budgets, from just the bikes all the way to a fully stocked and staffed smoothies stall.

Support work, on your terms

b875fbef-ed4d-4e38-bb83-adaa9a2c5282Last month we launched our first accessible vehicle, to make it easier for family, friends and support workers to get around with someone in a wheelchair. In response, we heard from a number of disability support agencies, services and advocacy groups, one of which was Hireup. Hireup is a great online service that connects all kinds of support workers with those who need them. By providing a safe and easy to use platform, clients and workers are able to connect with the right person, manage appointments and organise payment in a trouble free and transparent way. If you’re a support worker, you can list your services for free on Hireup and start connecting with people seeking support straight away. And if you could do with a bit of help, register on Hireup and find the right person for you, on your terms – not someone else’s. If you’re doing cool things, or have something you’d like to share, write to us. The GoGet Team