What’s parked in your garage or collecting leaves under the wipers out there on the street? Do you have an old clunker that you keep for that odd trip to the super market or weekend barbeque on the other side of the city?

Chances are your bomb wouldn’t get you much further, nor pass the rust inspection when you try to reregister it. Unless your old car is a vintage collectors item that runs like a well-oiled machine, keeping that old lemon isn’t worth it! Let’s face it, you probably don’t drive very much so you can’t justify buying a new car, and the only reason you’ve kept it is because you haven’t yet considered carshare!

It doesn’t make sense to hold onto a clunker when you can GoGet instead. Here’s why:

Older cars are less safe

Safety features that were only in the most expensive cars 10 years ago are now more or less standard. Modern safety features such as ABS brakes, sensors, crumple zones, ESP wheel alignment technology, etc. don’t exist in most older cars, making you both more likely to have an accident and at more risk of harm in the event of one. Besides these new safety features, things like mechanical wear and tear, rusty ball joints and bare tires that come from age are safety issues in older cars. At GoGet, the average age of each vehicle is 1.3 years. They are constantly serviced and have all adequate modern safety features installed.

Older cars are uncomfortable

The GoGet fleet is mostly made up of the Toyota Yaris, which while isn’t the fanciest car on the road, is still quiet, smooth and very easy to drive. Compared to even much higher model cars that are over 5 years old, things like USB ports for listening to music on your smartphone, cruise control, electric windows, air conditioning and all the mod cons feels like a big upgrade. Plus, as cars age their suspension gets stiffer, their engines get louder and the interior gets degraded, all things that lead to unpleasant and uncomfortable rides.

Older cars are expensive

You might be putting off buying a new car because they are so expensive, but just keeping an old car is an expensive proposition too! Older cars require more care and maintenance just to keep going, and as parts reach the end of their lives replacement costs start to build up. When a car gets over 10 years old, you can expect passing rego every year to involve expensive repairs, parts replacements, wheel alignment and the rest. If you think driving less can keep these maintenance costs down, think again! As cars age, they need to be driven more regularly to keep their parts working smoothly and prevent things from rusting up and getting stuck. The only way to really escape the trap is to get out of car ownership entirely, and let GoGet take care of things for you.

Older cars are bad for the environment

Every new generation of car results in improved fuel efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions and better filtering of particulate matter. Cars today use way less fuel than older cars, and lose less fuel to leakage and evaporation. About a third of vehicle hydrocarbon emissions are from passive evaporation, which gets worse as cars get older as seals wear out and small holes form.

Becoming a GoGet member not only means you can ditch your uncomfortable, unsafe, expensive and environmentally unfriendly old clunker, it means you don’t have to worry about paying for petrol, maintenance or watching your new car get old.

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  • Our newer, more fuel-efficient cars, including hybrid vehicles, mean less pollution.
  • People drive on average 20% less after becoming a GoGet member
  • The average age of the vehicles in our fleet is 1.3 years.
  • For every GoGet car, 9 private cars are taken off the road.

New cars must comply with emissions standards, safety standards, come with that comfort factor and are cheaper to run! Becoming a GoGet member means you don’t have to hold on to that old clunker.