This month we’re gazing into the crystal ball, reading palms and taking a sneak peek into the future. A friend will need your help and guidance, you will embark on an exciting mid-week journey, and an opportunity to explore your creative side will reveal itself. The future of GoGet is also being cast, with your input on a new idea, a UNSW research project and the outcome of a data wizard contest!

One short trip in a car… One giant leap for urban transport!

Self-Drving carDo you dream of the day when your GoGet car will pick you up and navigate the busy streets for you while you kick back and read the morning newspaper? Well, that day might be closer than you think! We have teamed up with UNSW on a research project on driverless cars and we now have a self-driving research vehicle in our fleet. While Ethel the Yaris is not quite ready to lose her L-plates and take control of the wheel, she does have some hi-tech equipment that is certain to help make autonomous driving a reality someday soon. Watch this space!

GoGet is for life, not just the weekend.

Every month, we have a new special offer for our GoOccasional and GoFrequent members. It’s our way of giving you more for your membership! Do you have some spare leave from last year? Does the boss owe you a special favour? At GoGet we often have special rates for long weekends, but this month we’re encouraging members to get out of the city mid-week. This month our GoOccasional and GoFrequent members will get 3 days for the price of 2 on any mid-week booking, which includes 450km for a full round trip. The booking will need to start and end on a weekday, with no part of the booking touching a weekend day. To book your getaway, simply call our member services team on 1300 769 389 and mention the 3 for 2 weekday offer.



L Platers

We know that you love GoGetting around town, but what about your friends and family who, like Ethel the Yaris, haven’t got their drivers’ license? Do you have a teenage daughter begging to be let behind the wheel? Maybe she’s being held back by the difficulty of getting in those all-important driving practice hours? GoGet wants to help! We are exploring the possibility of allowing learner drivers into some of our cars. If this is something you want to see, please let us know.     

Hackfest 2GoGet Hackfest

Here at GoGet we’re always looking for new ways to improve the service and we’re excited to be running a hack competition in conjunction with GeoNext and HERE . We’ve made some anonymized datasets available to developers, asking only that they dazzle us with innovation. The competition kicked off with an intro session in the GoGet offices on February 1st that gave us the chance to meet some of the developers and marvel at the skills of those who can achieve in a handful of mouse clicks what would take us mere mortals hours (if not days). Entries close at 6pm on Friday and the winners will be announced at the GeoNext Conference taking place at Australian Technology Park on the 26th of February (at which our very own Nic Lowe will be speaking). Early glimpses of a few of the entries look hugely encouraging, we can’t wait to see more!

spider web carsWhat are friends for?

Do you have friends who are stubbornly holding on to a car that spends most of its time sitting unused in its parking spot? Well it’s time for an intervention! Not only can you help them save money (and the environment); if you refer a friend this month, you’ll both receive $35 driving credit! To receive a credit, your friend can call to sign up and quote your name or enter your name in the “How did you hear about us?” section in the online sign up form. There is no limit to how many credits you can earn, so what are you waiting for?

(Go)Get Creative


Our experience at GoGet is that through sharing, interesting and exciting things can happen. We also know that our members are a talented bunch with plenty of creative capital to share. If you’ve ever listened to The Moth podcast, you’ll know how powerful it is when people open up and share their experiences, their stories and their creative ability, and we’d like to do something similar. If you haven’t listened, go to The Moth website and see what we’re on about. If you’re an avid storyteller or writer, let us know if you’d be interested in a similar platform to share your stories with us and other members. We’re still thinking a lot about how best to go about it. We’d love to know if you’re keen and if you have any ideas on how we should approach this – so please get in touch!   

Olly1.141550Tip of the month – GoPets

Did you know that some GoGet cars allow pets? Now there really is no excuse not to take Fido along for that weekend away on the coast. Just tick the box for “pet friendly” in the booking system to find the closest pet-friendly car to you. All of our pet-friendly cars have some odds and ends to help tidy up after the trip, so please make sure the car is back to its pre-puppy best once you are done with your booking.    

Three Thousand Thieves competition follow upTTT


Congratulations to Vicki from Adelaide who won a year’s supply of coffee from our friends at TTT. She correctly guessed that TTT consider themselves to be modern-day coffee Robin Hoods!    


Cool things our members are doing

GoGet members are a sophisticated bunch and we’re sure you need no introduction to the global phenomenon that is TED Talks whose “ideas worth spreading” have been viewed over a billion times on Speakers range from Bill Gates to Bono, Stephen Hawking to Bill Clinton, exploring everything from 3D printers to empathetic robots, healthcare to hacking online dating. And now one of our very own members will forever change the way you look at lettuce (255,000 views and counting!). Leyla Acaroglu is a leading sustainability strategist, a passionate advocate of systems thinking in design and a GoGet member to boot. Her talk on rethinking environmental folklore at the 2013 Longbeach TED conference explored the green myths that hold us back and how systems thinking and smart design can help us to create products that ease the strain on the planet. Click here to see more.    Remember, if there’s anything you’d like to share with us, let us know! The GoGet Team