This month we’re all about helping each other out. We want to help you get out and about, manage your money and give you more ways to get information and help while using GoGet. There’s a GoGet member who needs help with a research project, and another member doing great things helping others. Help yourself to a great deal, by checking out the Specials Page for all pod specials and current discounts.

Three Day Weekends3 Day Weekends

Ever feel like taking a bit of a breather? At GoGet we think 3 day weekends are awesome. We even give you $19/off per day for bookings 3 days or longer! In the past, you’ve had to call to get this long booking discount. However, with our recent introduction of promo codes, you can now apply this discount on online bookings. Email your boss to get a day off, make your 3 day or longer booking on any economy car, and key in 19OFF to get $19 off per day.


BPAYIt’s been a couple months since we introduced BPAY, and we’ve been blown away by how popular it is! BPAY lets you pay your bill when you want to, all at once or in small amounts, before the due date. That means you can pay when you have the dosh, instead of a direct debit catching you by surprise. To use BPAY, just log into your internet banking, find the BPAY section (usually under “transfers”), and use the biller and payment codes on your invoice. Once they’re saved, you can pay with internet banking without getting the codes again.


FB03Does your trusty bike have a chorus of squeaks, rattles and grunts every time you use it? Don’t ignore them, your bike is crying out for a service! Bikes need servicing just like cars do… but being a GoGet member, you’ve probably forgotten about that! Our friends at Goodcycles are a nonprofit enterprise, and offer three levels of bike services depending on how much you rely on your bike. If you cycle to work every day, there’s a commuter package, or if your bike really needs some help there’s the “Good as Gold” service that restores your trusty stead to near new condition. Goodcycles just opened their new workshop at Docklands, so you can drop in for a service during the week. They use GoGet vans for call-outs, so they’re giving fellow members 10% off servicing – just show your smartcard in-store. If you don’t own a bike yet, they offer a great range along with every cycling accessory you could possibly need, which you can also get a 10% discount on with your smartcard. Great service, a great GoGet member discount and you’ll be doing a whole lot of good along the way.

Real-Time Billing

Speaking of billing, we’re developing something new that, for now, we’re calling real-time billing.It means paying for the hours or day rate when you book. You’ll still get a monthly bill, but only for kilometres, tolls and other charges.

If you’re interested in testing real-time billing and providing feedback, please register here. Please note that it is only in beta stage, and you’ll be asked to provide your invaluable input throughout the trial. For those who have already registered for real-time billing through GoGet Labs, we haven’t forgotten about you! The product will be ready for testing shortly, at which time we’ll get in touch to confirm.

Mardi Gras Film FestivalDown River 2

Can’t wait for Mardi Gras? To tide you over until Gay Christmas, the Mardi Gras Film Festival launches this Thursday! You can buy tickets to individual shows, or buy a season pass and gorge on 5 or 10 movies of your choice. The three Australian films screening (Downriver, Remembering the Man and Starting From… Now!) also have after parties, which promise to be a whole bunch of fun. Plus, Olympians Ian Thorpe and Matthew Mitcham will be part of a panel speaking at the screening of Out To Win, a documentary about LGBT people in sports. The film festival runs from the 18th of Feb to the 3rd of March, and will be screening at George St Cinemas, the Golden Age Cinema in Surry Hills, Cremorne Orpheum, Riverside Theatres in Parramatta and even up in Katoomba at the Carrington Hotel. Organising a film festival requires a lot of running around, so we’re proud to sponsor the people who make Mardi Gras Film Festival happen, Queer Screen.

$1/hour off Weekday Bookings

This offer is for GoFrequent and GoOccasional members, as a way of giving you more for your membership. To get lower rates, extra drivers on your account, and special offers like this one, upgrade today! While the long days of summer are still here, we’re inviting you to get things done after work, before February ends and autumn begins. With cheap weekday bookings, you can start a project, visit a friend’s place, take the dog for a walk, and stop watching TV while the sun is still up. Just use promo code WEEKDAYS when making a booking on an economy car from Monday to Friday, and you’ll get $1/hour offyour normal hourly rate. Offer is valid for unlimited weekday bookings through to the 18th of March. GoStarter and business accounts are not eligible for this offer. Economy cars only.

Tip of the MonthIMG_0597

SMS – it’s the 90s technology we all still love. GoGet uses SMS in a few exciting and useful ways: Someone has the car after you If somebody books your car immediately after you, you’ll get a text to say that you won’t be able to extend your booking. The car is out of its pod If somebody has reported that they had to return the car somewhere other than the pod, you’ll get a text with the car’s new location. Reporting a new location You can even report if you’ve had to park the car somewhere else. Save the number 0427 777 769 to your phone, and text with the car’s name, number plate and temporary new parking spot. We’ll text it to the next member, so they can find the car without doing a blocky. SMS booking confirmations We can also send your booking confirmations as text messages. Make a booking, and you’ll get a text with the car’s name, number plate and fuel card PIN. To do this, log in to My Info and turn it on (it costs 25c per booking). This is a per-driver setting, so it won’t affect other drivers on your account. Please remember that when texting to report something, use the 0427 777 769 number. If you reply to the confirmation messages from “GOGET”, the message won’t go anywhere, so you can’t get chatty with the cars like above.

#goget #online066f76a6-edeb-425b-afd0-b5ac21f1c255

Besides SMS, we also use social media to keep in touch with you. If you like our page you’ll get interesting articles and blog posts we like, but you can also use it for help in using GoGet. If there is an outage or some disruption, we will always update social media immediately, so it’s a good place to check first if things aren’t working as they should. If there’s no outage, you can still get help by chatting to us on private message on Facebook or DM on Twitter – we’re there to help you with bookings, account enquiries or anything else.

If you’re so inclined, we’d love it if you’d write us a review on Facebook.

Parking Research

Pod without carAs our cities grow, finding places to fit cars is becoming a more and more contentious issue. It’s a problem that RMIT researchers have identified, and they want to know what your attitudes are towards parking. The research is open for all Australians over 18, but they’ve asked if carshare members could also contribute their unique perspective. It’s a simple online survey with 30 questions, and should take 20-25 minutes to complete. Not all the questions may be relevant if you don’t own a car, but most will be. You can complete the survey here, or if you want to know more there’s an article about the research here. Please feel free to pass the link on to your friends once you’re done!

Help out a struggling studentStyling digital lifestyle!

Spare a thought for the kids starting uni this year. It can be a time of hard life choices and big expenses, but one thing is a no-brainer: GoGet’s student plan! We offer students our lowest rates, without any joining or ongoing membership fees. We don’t charge P platers or under 21s any extra*, and membership is open to everybody with over 1 year driving experience. GoStudent is open to all full time students, including those of Australian universities, TAFE and private colleges. If you know somebody who is entering higher education this year, send them over to to find out more about joining. You might just save them from doing something stupid, like getting a car loan! *Higher damage liabilities apply for younger drivers. L Platers and first year red P Platers can join under our Learners Program.

Cool things our members are doingProject Rockit

Project Rockit use GoGet to get to schools all over Australia to run interactive workshops on (cyber)bullying and leadership. Project Rockit have been working with schools for the last 10 years and as they have grown, now use GoGet to drive to schools outside the Melbourne area, as well as interstate. Each day Project Rockit send a team of young and charismatic presenters into Australian schools and work with students in coming up with real, credible and risk free ways to be a part of the solution to bullying online and offline. Through empowering all young people to realise their potential, Project Rockit helps create school communities where every young person feels safe to express who they truly are without fear of judgement. We really like this approach, and hope we can continue helping them on their mission! If you’re doing cool things, or have something you’d like to share, write to us. The GoGet Team