All businesses, big and small, want to save money on their fleet costs. If you google “cut fleet costs”, “cheap fleet cars”, “lower my pool car cost”, or something similar, you’ll find plenty of links getting you close to solving the problem of expensive fleet management.

To save you the googling, here are some of the more useful articles: 10 Ways to Reduce Fleet Costs30 Ways to Reduce Fleet Costs, and 5 easy ways to reduce your fleet costs in 2018.

But you don’t need 6, 10, or 30 tactics to reduce your fleet spend. You can save both time and money on your business’ transport usage with 1 simple decision.

GoGet cars are available where you need them, including at major airports across Australia

Business Car Share: The best solution to rising fleet costs

But of course we’d say that – GoGet is a car sharing company, with a lot of business members. That’s true, but we back our business product 100% because we believe in it. So give us a moment to explain.

Car share, in this context isn’t about car pooling. GoGet members have access to our fleet of vehicles, which they book out for as long as they need, from an hour to a day. It’s called car share, because each car is used by multiple people, or by multiple business’. As a result, we can offer rates that make us cheaper than owning your own fleet.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost of owning a car for an individual, it costs at least $7,000 a year for a new Yaris. On our GoBusiness plan (which has no joining or ongoing fees) that would get you over 1,000 hours in a Yaris, around 20 hours a week.

GoGet’s business rates are the best we offer. With no overhead fees, you can try us today (as a fleet overflow perhaps?) with zero risk.

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 Car Share offers business unmatched flexibility and scalability

If you own your own fleet, as a large corporate or a sole trader, you need to make compromises on the kind of vehicles you have access to. If you want to use a van every now and then, you need to own one all the time. If you need a van often, you might need to buy several.

If you want a nice car for client visits, you’ll need to buy a BMW or an Audi. But Audis and vans aren’t always appropriate for the many smaller trips you need to make, and you certainly can’t do a Bunnings run in a convertible!

With GoGet, you can book the car you need for the job you’re doing. If you need a van, we’ve got one. If you need ten vans, we’ve got that too! (Though you might want to book ahead). With 2,600 vehicles in the fleet, GoGet is like having a fleet that scales with your business.

That flexibility starts from day one. Join without paying any upfront or ongoing fees, and see how car share suits your business.

Join GoGet and enjoy the flexibility!

GoGet Business fleet use Case Study - Jane makes work easier on the go by using GoGet Click image for a larger version

Car share removes the hassle of managing a fleet

Have a look at the suggestions in the links above (particularly 30 Ways to Reduce Fleet Costs) and you’ll see some pretty scary suggestions! Most of them involve cracking down on employees and exerting greater control over the way they use cars, like having them pay for petrol, or restricting how people use the cars.

With GoGet, many of those concerns are already addressed. Your rates cover insurance, registration, petrol, and repairs. So there’s no need to spend time managing your fleet, which means more time to work productively (or god forbid, to go home!).

GoGet drivers also manage their own usage – our personal members actually drive 50% less compared to before they joined. You’ll also have access to detailed usage reports at the end of each month. Each staff member is listed on the account as a separate driver, so you’ll know exactly who is responsible for every trip.

Speaking of numbers, GoGet has proven to be up to 60% cheaper than other flexible transport options. Not only does GoGet offer you the ability to reduce your fleet, but it can save you serious dollars on taxi and ride share bills.

car share for business - lower you your fleet cost with GoGet - GoGet is up to 60% cheaper than taxis

GoGet is sustainable, building better cities with less pollution

Across both business and personal users, the GoGet fleet is responsible for taking tens of thousands of privately owned cars off the road, reducing traffic and increasing the amount of parking in our cities. Multiple studies show that each car share vehicles reduces the number of cars in an area by around 10.

Using GoGet helps your business look like (and become) a responsible corporate citizen – just ask Kistie Looney from Property Initiatives in Melbourne.

“Our customers love us for using GoGet, especially compared to other real estate agents driving their fancy cars. They can see that we are ethical, and that we don’t care about looks, but that we want to make a difference in the world and that’s what matters most.”

The infographic below gives you more detail on how GoGet helps build better cities, and can add environmental credibility to your operation.

Ready to save money and time on your fleet, while increasing flexibility and scale, just like our thousands of other business members? There’s no risk in joining GoGet today, to see if our solution works for you!

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GoGet fleet replacement represents a cleaner and more sustainable way to run a businessClick image for a larger version