It’s pretty hard to function without the internet today. For those new to the city, finding free WiFi in Melbourne might seem a difficult task. But if you know where to look, you’ll realise it’s pretty easy. Mobile data is still pretty expensive in Australia, so finding free WiFi can be crucial whether you’re a traveler or a local.

Here’s some very good news. Melbourne has one of the largest and fastest free public WiFi networks in all of Australia. That means finding Free WiFi in Melbourne is almost as easy as finding a GoGet!

Without further ado, here are some of the best spots to find free WiFi in Melbourne.

The silhouette of a man working on a laptop in a Melbourne cafe with free wifi

Melbourne City WiFi – Key Locations

One of the best things about looking for free WiFi in Melbourne is the fact that an outdoor WiFi service has been created. It was designed so that both residents and visitors to Melbourne could access WiFi while on the move – and it generally works perfectly.

If you’re in one of the areas that Melbourne’s WiFi network covers, you simply select “VicFreeWiFi” on your device and accept the terms and conditions. Here are some key locations the network covers.

Bourke St Mall

Bourke Street Mall is a busy hive of commerce that forms the retail heart of Melbourne. The problem with bustling retail environments is that it can be easy to get lost in them – but you’ll have a hard time getting lost when Melbourne’s free WiFi is feeding the map app on your phone.

Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne at night, where the city's Free Wifi is available

Queen Victoria Market

You can find everything from fresh produce and speciality shopping, to a seasonal night market at the Queen Vic. It’s considered by many to be the heart and soul of Melbourne. If you’re travelling to the city, be sure to spend some time there. Maybe share a few pics on Instagram while you’re there?

People walking through the aisles of Queen Victoria Street Market, and indoor market in Melbourne Free Wifi is available

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre is actually two buildings next to each other on the Yarra River. They offer a perfect space for events, but what good is an event if you can’t share it online? The fact that free WiFi can be found here is wonderful.

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre at night

Melbourne Museum

Locals and travelers alike will enjoy this museum, where history, culture, and nature merge into one. There is a fee to enter this museum, but VicFreeWiFi can usually be accessed from outside.

The entrance of Melbourne Museum where Free Wifi can be found, in the day time

Melbourne CBD Train Stations

Most of us need some internet access while we’re travelling. Often that’s to check if the train we’re on will stop at our station! By using Melbourne’s Free WiFi service you’ll always know if you’re jumping on the right train, at any time of day.

Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, where you can pick up WiFi for free

Nestled in Cafés

Regardless of where you are in Australia (or the world), it’s usually easy to find free WiFi in cafés. A lot of Australian hospitality businesses advertise their free WiFi outside, so you’ll know if they have Free WiFi without having to go in and ask. Remember, you might have to buy a drink to get given the password. Below are a couple of cafes in Melbourne with free WiFi.

A man using Free Wifi in Melbourne cafe on his laptop, with mugs in the background


If you’ve ever been to Starbucks, you’ll probably be familiar with the freelancer sitting in the corner with MacBook and a flat white. Starbucks doesn’t have a massive presence in Australia, with independent coffee houses dominating the landscape, but everyone recognises Starbucks and they’re Free WiFi is reliable.

A man in a Melbourne Starbucks carrying a book to his table

Auction Rooms Café

Auction Rooms Café is a beautiful café that can be found in North Melbourne, and makes a point of being freelancer friendly – which suits locals and travelers too! Whether it’s right for you depends on your free WiFi needs though. It might be a bit too busy to work here on a weekend, but it’s a great option during the week, with power points available to charge your devices.

The shop front of the Auction Rooms cafe, a cafe with Free Wifi in Melbourne that is perfect for freelancers

Tourist Spots

Being able to access the internet at popular tourist attractions in Melbourne is good for you and good for the operators. It can be the difference between uploading a top shot of your vacation in real time – both to show your mates, but also to increase visibility for the attraction itself.

As a result, lots of tourist attractions across Melbourne have free WiFi. Here are some of our favourites.

Federation Square

Federation Square, right next to Flinders Street Station, is one of the biggest culture hubs in Melbourne. It hosts multiple world-class events each year and is home to several museums, galleries, cafés, restaurants, and bars. It’s also host to free WiFi, right in the centre of Melbourne.

Federation Square in Melbourne, with the SBS building on the left, on a sunny day

Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo is a popular destination for tourists and people who live in town. A paid ticket gives you access to the free WiFi in Melbourne Zoo for as long as you need to.

A napping Koala in a tree at Melbourne Zoo - he won't be using the Free WiFi there!

Ferry Ride

If you’re looking for a way to relax, get a unique view of Melbourne, and use the internet, then book a Yarra River Cruise. Most of the cruises on the Yarra River have WiFi on-board. It’s a free service with some operators, and a paid service with other operators. Just be sure to check when you book your ticket.

Several Yarra River Cruise boats lined up at a wharf in Melbourne

Melbourne City: No beaches, but plenty to surf

It really is that easy to find free Wifi in Melbourne. Australia hasn’t always been the easiest country in the world to score free Wifi, but that’s changing, and Melbourne is leading the charge.

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