We have a very large collection of businesses that rely heavily on the GoGet network to get them around. Whether it be a brewery supplying their product to local pubs and events or a theatre company helping students and teachers. We’re catching up with some of the companies that use GoGet regularly and ask what it is they do and how GoGet helps to get them around.

Echelon Productions

This month we caught up with Echelon Productions which are a corporate sponsored theatre company that is now the largest touring educational theatre company in the country by providing unique educational programmes to schools.

So what exactly do you do and how?

EchelonAt NTC (The National Theatre for Children) we deliver educational programs on behalf of companies to engage and communicate with youth and families. Our programs take place in schools and use live theatre, print and digital resources designed to motivate students, parents and teachers.

What is the Echelon mission?

We focus on current societal issues and work with companies that have a mission, goal or mandate to make a real difference in their communities.

How does GoGet help you do what you do?

1We hire professional performers who deliver our live theatre productions and they tour from school to school all across Australia throughout the year. Our performers use GoGet cars to travel from their homes and to the schools during the day and over the weeks they are touring.

What is the most amazing Echelon on the road experience?

Visiting over 300,000 school students every year and seeing their faces and the feedback when they experience a live theatre experience in their own school. What’s the best way to contact you?   Visit our website www.ntccorporate.com.au