Old couchIt’s beginning to feel a lot like spring! If you’re starting to think about cleaning out winter and giving your house a fresh start, consider how you’ll be disposing of your old stuff.

Most councils have bulky goods collection, but before you consign your old furniture, clothes, electronics and household items to landfill, think about using GoGet to give them a second life. With vans and utes available to use near you, taking your old items to get looked after or recycled properly isn’t difficult.


Repair and Reuse

The Bower Reuse & Repair Centre at Addison Road Community Centre are all about giving your old items new life. They hold workshops to teach you how to fix broken products, and do-up your old worn out items into something new and more fashionable. If you’re not interested in doing it yourself, they also accept old items which they fix up and sell.

See what they accept, and book yourself into an event at The Bower.


Creative Reuse

However old, useless and daggy you think something is, there is someone else out there who can turn it into something amazing! Places like Reverse Garbage and Reverse Art Truck accept all kinds of unwanted products, which they sell to others to use in their next project, renovation or artwork. They usually accept larger quantities of products, rather than individual items, but contact them and see if they’d be interested in what you’re trying to get rid of.


Op Shops

We’re all familiar with the local Salvos, Vinnies or local charity-run op-shop. These institutions accept a huge variety of different items from people, and have the infrastructure to inspect, fix up, distribute and sell them.

Clothes are the mainstay of op-shops, but they also accept and sell secondhand furniture, crockery, glassware, working electronics, old records and CDs, books, ornamentals and furnishings.

As long as it’s reasonably well looked after, your local op shop will take it, and they’ll use the proceeds to benefit their charitable work in the community.


Specialist Recycling

If your old items have no chance of being fixed, updated or sold, there are still ways to keep them out of landfill.

New specialist recycling services are popping up, dealing with specific types of items to recycle things normal municipal recycling services can’t. Here is a short list, but search for the item you’re trying to get rid of to see if there’s a recycling service for it.


Before you book a GoGet van and make a drop-off trip, remember to ask your friends if they have anything they need to get rid of too. Everybody has something!