IKEA van

GoGet has joined forces with IKEA to launch a convenient do-it-yourself solution to get your IKEA goodies home!

In an Aussie retail first, IKEA customers at IKEA Tempe and IKEA Rhodes in New South Wales and IKEA Richmond in Victoria can sign up to GoGet and then access vans on site in the stores’ car parks. Vans and wagons are available for use from the IKEA stores.

IKEA customers can join GoGet online today before heading to IKEA and receive an access card in one business day. Customers can also sign up in-store and access the vans within 15 minutes.

Any time you’re ready to go, simply book the GoGet van online or via the phone from as little as an hour to as long as you need it. Once booked, the van is yours!  NOTE: If you’d rather pick up a van near you, once you’re a member, you can access any of the cars in our network!