We love it when our we hear heartwarming stories. And it’s extra special when they involve GoGet in someway! When Ruben got in touch with us recently, we couldn’t help but fall in love (just like he did).

When Ruben wanted to propose to his girlfriend of three years, there were a few arrangements he needed to make. Without owning a car, it would have been difficult and expensive to do. But GoGet gave Ruben the flexibility to pop the question with minimal fuss.

A man is on his knees asking his girlfriend to marry him by the sea

How did the two of you meet?

“We met three years ago here in Sydney, when I was here on holiday. It was the 1st of February at my birthday party! A mutual friend of ours invited her to the party.”

A man kissing his girlfriend at La Perouse in Sydney - they just got engaged

How did you pop the question?

“I planned to propose to her in La Perouse and asked a few friends to help me make it happen. I was hoping to get pictures of us celebrating on the beach with our close friends involved in the proposal, as well as food and decoration of the place.

“The proposal was a complete surprise, she thought I was at work! When she came I told her how special and important she is to me, and how blessed I feel to have her in my life.  She makes me a better man.”

A man and woman holding hands on a picnic blanket by the sea - they recent became engaged

Why did you decide to use a GoGet car?

“We had food, decoration, flowers, speakers, and it would’ve been hard to take everything on a 45 minute trip by bus! My GoGet card arrived on the night before and I booked a car straight away.

“GoGet made life so much easier.”

A man helps a woman walk down the hill leading to the best

“GoGet has became one of first options to get around. Also for us GoGet is so much cheaper than transport apps, cabs, and sometimes more convenient than public transport.

“I’m really glad I have this option now, especially for a moment that I will never forget!”

We wish Ruben and his new fiance the absolute best for the future – here’s hoping their booking never ends!

A couple embracing in the swash of the beach at sunset

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