A members point of view on carsharing

I decided to sell my Audi over two months ago because I wasn’t using it enough. In fact, I only drove the car once or twice per week. Living close to Melbourne CBD means I have access to different forms of transport including GoGet, a quirky, easy to use car hire service. One of GoGet’s A3 cars is parked outside of my apartment building making is convenient to use.Audi A3 If you own a car and rarely use it you might want to consider an alternative method of transport. I made the switch after analysing the benefits of hiring a car instead of owning one and it made sense. Now not only do I save money not owning a car but I actually make money by renting out my car spot each week. Below are some of the things I like most about GoGet.

  • It’s easy and fast to sign up and set up your account.
  • I don’t pay for the maintenance of the car.
  • I don’t have to worry about car insurance.
  • Go Get’s app is so simple and easy to use; it makes hiring and using their cars a great experience.
  • Their customer service is excellent with my calls always answered fast. They also offer after hour support, which is great for those using their cars outside of work hours.
  • Every Audi I’ve used have been clean and well kept.

Emilia Rossi

Emilia Rossi is a digital consultant by day and a blogger and jewellery designer by night. To find out more about her click here.

I’m still happy using GoGet and plan to use their cars for the rest of the year. Original article: http://www.emiliarossi.com.au/work-and-money/go-get-hire-cars-melbourne/