Some of the best parts of Australia are west of the great divide, north of Gepps Cross, and out beyond the back of Bourke. Based on where GoGet members get around with our cars, they agree!

Now, thanks to a partnership with the NSW Department of Industry, a small fleet of GoGet vehicles will now have a home in Orange, on the state’s Central Tablelands.

If you’re a resident of the Orange region, we’ve got a special joining offer for you! Join on our GoStarter plan and we’ll waive your first year’s membership – that’s a saving of $49! Learn more about GoGet here.

Join now!The main street or Orange in NSW, where goGet car share will be expanding to - GoGet in Orange

Car sharing in Orange will start with a trial of six GoGet vehicles placed at the Department of Industry headquarters on Kite Street. The Department will use them as part of their fleet, but they’ll also be available to Orange locals and tourists who join GoGet Car Share.

Because GoGet cars are more flexible and cheaper than a permanent fleet, NSW taxpayers will be saving money on Government fleet costs. Meanwhile, residents and tourists in Orange will get access to more transport options.

That’s why we’re so excited about this – having GoGet in town is a win-win for government, taxpayers, and the Orange community!

NSW Minister Niall Blair getting into a GoGet RAV4 at the launch of GoGet in the NSW town of Orange

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re visiting Orange or are a local, it’s natural you’ll have questions about what this means for you. We’ve tried to answer some of those questions here.

What is GoGet?

GoGet is a car sharing service. Members can book cars for as little as an hour, or for as long as a few days. Because we pay for fuel, registration, insurance, and maintenance, using GoGet can be much cheaper than owning a car yourself. GoGet is also more flexible than car rental, which only offers cars by the day.

GoGet members book a car on the app for the time they need it, then access the cars with their GoGet smart card. The car keys are inside the car, along with a fuel card that can be used to pay for petrol.

You can learn more about GoGet here.

Will this take up local parking space?

Rather than use up in demand parking space, GoGet actually increases the amount of parking as people use it instead of using their own car.

Studies from around the world prove that each share car removes around 12 privately owned cars from an area. Each GoGet car tends to be shared by around 30 members, so you should  quickly find that GoGet actually increase the amount of parking available.

How can I use GoGet in Orange?

Using GoGet is easy! You join on our website, then we’ll send you a smart card. This smart card will let you access cars that you book on the GoGet app.

Check out How GoGet Works, find a plan that suits you, then sign up to GoGet when you’re ready.

For a limited time Orange residents can join our GoStarter plan and we’ll waive the first year’s membership fee! Just join with the button below!

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The launch of GoGet in Orange