The Pavilions Residences in Sydney Olympic Park is a residential development that boasts having everything at your doorstep. GoGet and Mirvac have teamed up to make car-free living a breeze at Pavilions Residences.

Not only that, there is $4,000 worth of GoGet credit on offer to anyone who purchases a one-bedroom apartment without its own car space. With great amenities like parks, restaurants, and a supermarket on your doorstep at Pavilions, who needs the extra costs owning a car brings!

Graham Cooper, Development Director at Mirvac Projects said since introducing GoGet, the residents at the Pavilions Residence are more conscious about the environment with many of them opting for alternative modes of transport for any trips they make. We interviewed Graham to find out more about how the initiative is going and why Mirvac decided to partner with GoGet. 

Why did Mirvac decide to introduce the GoGet initiative?

Many first home buyers of one-bedroom apartments don’t own a car or have access to a car space but they do want the convenience of a car from time to time. Having GoGet at their doorstep gives residents the financial and environmental benefits of freedom from car ownership while giving them ready access when they need it.

 How does the GoGet initiative align with Mirvac’s sustainability commitments?

Mirvac committed to a goal of being net positive in carbon by 2030 and they’ve met this goal a whopping nine years ahead of schedule. They’re committed to creating communities that make it easier for residents to live a sustainable lifestyle, so a partnership with us just made sense. 

“Having GoGet cars on-site means residents can confidently live without owning a car and still enjoy the convenience of a shared car when they need it. That means fewer cars on the road and a greater reliance on active transport.”

What are some positive effects you’ve seen/heard from residents since having access to GoGet vehicles at their doorstep?

This Christmas break just passed proved how effective the initiative is. People weren’t taking the holidays they had planned and wanted to enjoy a break in places that are really only accessible by a private vehicle. Having access to GoGet at their doorstep means they could get to their destination and visit all the local places they had on their travel list. 

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