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The old saying rings true – the two most stressful things in life are moving house and divorce. In fact, a British study even suggests moving house is more stressful than divorce, as well as bankruptcy and the death of a loved one!

But with a few simple steps, you cam make your move relatively stress free.

To help you settle into your new home without taking years off your life, we’ve put together these helpful tips.

Throw Things Away

This might be the most important thing to do before moving house. This is essential if you’re downsizing, but moving less is always better than moving more! Here’re three steps you can take today.

Go room by room:

The three box technique is good; one to keep, one to donate, and one to throw away. Start with one room (any room) and start sorting. Remember, your memories aren’t attached to physical objects, but you can take photos if you’re worried.

Post items for sale right away:

Ebay, Gumtree, or Facebook, it’s never been easier to hock your stuff. But don’t put valuable items aside to be sold later, get right onto it! That way you won’t forget, and you’ll score some extra cash!

Same goes for Donations:

If you’ve fill up bags destined for the op-shop, take them there now. Many a declutterer has got this far, forgotten to take the bags out, before they slowly make their way back to the wardrobe. If you’re in Sydney, be sure to check out The Generous and The Grateful, who can use your old furniture to help rebuild lives.

You can go deep on this step if you want. Greatist have a good in depth guide, or you get philosophical with Marie Kondo’s decluttering method.

“I used GoGet vans both times I moved. It covered the load when it rained, it was easier to pack, and had plenty of space” – Steven

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Be Clever with your Clothes

Your shirts and shorts are more than something else to pack. Save money and the environment by skipping on bubble wrap. Instead, use your clothes to wrap breakable dishes and glassware. This keeps your stuff safe and packs multiple items at once!

For left over clothes, don’t fold them, roll them! Rolling lets you fit way more into a suitcase. But rolling can cause problems if you don’t like ironing! There are solutions though. Lifehacker has a great article on different ways to pack.

It’s also a good idea to have an overnight bag ready. Pack like it’s for a weekend away, with clothes, chargers, and toiletries. If moving home takes longer than expected, or if you don’t get around to unpacking right away, you’ll still be set for the next day.

“I signed up for GoGet at IKEA when my removalists didn’t turn up. I was so happy with it my housemate used it a week later” – Perry

Don’t Stress Over a Vehicle

A couple is moving house, unpacking boxes from their vanWhether you own a car, or if you’re living without one, moving house is easier with the right vehicle. Unless you happen to have a truck license, the best option is a big van, like a Toyota Hiace. Here are a few other useful tips:

Be realistic about how long moving house will take:

If it could take two days, book a van for two days! If your booking ends before you’re done, you could face extra fees and stress. GoGet offers affordable day rates for van hire, and lets you extend a booking on the iPhone app and Android app, as long as another member isn’t booked in afterwards. But you’re always better to book more time than you need from the start.

Plan your route ahead of time:

Scope out the route to your new home, and be aware of potential issues. You’ll want to avoid heavy traffic, especially if you’re new to driving a van, and make sure there’s plenty of parking. You should also check your council calendar for events that might clash with your move date.

Find a good deal on van rental:

GoGet car share has over 230 vans for hire, with space for almost anything you need to move. We have vans all over Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with flexible hourly booking and 24/7 vehicle access. Car share van hire can save you money by only booking the amount of time you need. You also aren’t charged for fuel, which is covered by your membership. And as a member, you’ll also have access to our entire fleet of vehicles, which can help you live car free, potentially saving thousands!

There’s probably a van close to you, find your nearest GoGet car share pod to check. But this advice still applies to you if you don’t live in Australia, just find a local car share company.

“I’d rather get friends to help me move than argue with removalists. After a bad experience with a delivery company, I’ll use GoGet vans from now on” – Jane

Looking forward to Moving House now?

With these tips, and words of encouragement from our members, we hope you’re feeling a little more confident.

If you’re a meticulous planner, This is Neat Cleaning has a comprehensive moving house checklist that covers everything from packing up to settling in. It’s definitely worth a read..

Good luck in your new home!


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