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Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 11.27.20 AMRecently we held a questionnaire for our members who have managed the ENORMOUS task of moving house. And yep, you guessed it; they managed it with GoGet!

Nobody cares for your belongings more than you, and we’ve all had things thrown around by removalists. When paying top dollar this can be a pain in the backside. So if it’s the season for moving, why not consider the cost and convenience of moving with GoGet?

Here’s what our members had to say:


What type of vehicle did you use in your move and why?

  • I used the GoGet Murray The Van. It was big enough for my needs and its internal cargo measurements suited my furniture. I also used it get a big sofa from Ikea. – Ali
  • I used a van each time. I didn’t want the hassle of trying to tie things down on a ute (I’m not great at knots), and using a van meant it only took one trip as all my stuff fit in perfectly. – Kat
  • I have used GoGet vans on both occasions I have moved, because it covered the load (great for when it is raining), was easier to pack (less need to tie things down), and had plenty of space. – Steven


What was your experience? Did our vehicles do the trick?

  • Signed up (at IKEA) on the day once my removalists didn’t turn up. I was happy enough with how it worked that my housemate did the same thing a week later. – Perry
  • It was simple. And yes, the van was great as it was spacious. A 24 hour booking did the trick. – Edgar
  • Experience was great although we did struggle to locate the keys. Glad to have rear cameras and sensors on the van! – Gerry


What were the benefits of using a GoGet van or ute rather than traditional truck hire or removalists?

  • The van was very clean and well looked after because GoGet members obviously care about the cars they use. It is cheaper, more flexible and I was able to hire it with only a few days’ notice. The fact that the van was located 10 minutes walk away from my new house was also definitely a bonus. I am now shopping for bits and pieces for my new house and I have GoGet in mind whenever I need to pick up a bulkier item, such as a rug. I have also recommended GoGet to friends when they need to move as well as friends who are visiting from WA soon, because of the flexibility and relatively low cost. – Liv
  • I’ve had bad experiences with non-punctual delivery companies before. I’d rather get a few friends together to help me move things important or precious to me (and forgive them if anything breaks :p ) than have to argue with delivery people. After a bad experience with a delivery company, I’ll be using GoGet vans to self deliver from now on also. – Steven
  • I don’t have a lot of stuff – particularly no heavy furniture – so it was a cheap and easy alternative to hiring trucks or removalists. Two hour booking, and done! – Kat


Do you have any tips or experienced problems/issues with carshare that other movers should be aware of?

A few tips I would like to give my fellow GoGetters:

1. If you are moving house, book the van for the whole day or may be for two days, so that you don’t stress out and can move at your pace.

2. Inform GoGet if you are getting late in returning the vehicle. I know its common sense and is in the rule book – I made the mistake and paid for it 🙁

3. Take advantage of the midnight to 6:00AM timeslot when you can get the GoGet van for free and use it. Don’t disturb your neighbours though!

– Ali


Will you think twice before hiring a removalist?



Thank you to our members who responded to our questionnaire and agreed to share their experiences on our blog.



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