At GoGet we are always keen to demonstrate the versatility of our ever growing fleet. The larger vehicles in our arsenal are no exception. Our people movers, namely the Hyundai iMax and Toyota Tarago, are helping businesses and not-for-profit organisations to do great things for our communities. Check out these GoGet member stories that show just how effective our people movers are.  

Poetry in Action

Poetry in Action is a not-for-profit organisation that provides rural and disadvantaged high school students the rare opportunity to see poetry brought to life through performance. The actors are constantly on the road performing shows in high schools around Australia. Poetry in Action use GoGet people movers to get the show on the road. This is what they had to say: “It’s been interesting actually, PIA and Go Get seem to have expanded in the same areas at the same time – it’s been very convenient!” “We’re on the road a lot, over 130 days of the year, and we travel to an incredibly diverse range of locations.” Poetry in Action are on the road as we speak. Keep up with the team and the destinations they reach using GoGet people movers here. Poetry in Action



HopeStreet is one of the longest serving non-profit organisations in Woolloomooloo, Sydney. HopeStreet strive towards bringing justice, compassion and hope to people in need by working together within their individual, community and structural contexts. HopeStreet have been members of GoGet for eight years, using our Hyundai iMax vehicles in weekly operations within their employment training program for local residents within inner Sydney. HopeStreet’s Employment Training Programme is an initiative for very long-term unemployed people to build the skills, capacity and confidence necessary to return to permanent employment. Here’s what they had to say: “Within HopeStreet, we currently employ Hyundai iMax People Movers weekly to transport up to eight people to and from the work site across Sydney, as well as  basic supplies and boxes….I have found the Hyundai Imax very economical on fuel, comfortable and easy to control. Whilst the Hyundai iMax does seem to have difficulty turning in tighter spaces, the assistance of rear sensors helps. This is a small issue and I would be happy to continue with the current model of Hyundai iMax. GoGet’s service continues to be impeccable, with easy to use booking systems and a fast response time on requests.”


It’s wonderful knowing that GoGet can assist Poetry In Action and HopeStreet to reach and inspire young Australians to take an interest in the Performing Arts, and to provide community help and employment for disadvantaged people in central Sydney. We hope to continue providing an integral service to the operations of these not-for-profit organisations, and the transportation necessary for others just like these to continue servicing Australians.   Thank you to Poetry in Action and HopeStreet for sharing their experiences with us.