A GoGet Rav4 on the highway leading to Newnes campground, a deep valley in the distanceHe’s a developer a few days per week and has just polished off an MBA, but Sydney-sider Anton Mills considers himself a photographer first and foremost.

And after years perfecting his craft, it’s no wonder to us that he’s seeing some success in his chosen field.

“I dabbled with photography while I was at university, but I never really took to it until the last several years,” he told us in an interview near our Sydney office.

“I’ve got a passion for camping, getting out in the world and exploring.”Friends standing in tall grass, with a river in the mid ground, a towering mountain range in the background

Anton’s explorations have taken him far and wide this year, with photography taking him from Hobart to Adelaide in Australia, from Yosemite to Santa Cruz in the US, and to the UK and Iceland.

“Travel is important to me, and I found the best way to experience it was to start taking shots,” Anton says.

Of course, Anton has taken some of his best photos close to home.

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“I took this one the other day, it was just around the corner from my house, near Cremorne Point.”

A photo by Anton Mills of light hitting a boat in from of the Sydney Skyline from Cremorne Point

“And here, just as I turned around the sun was setting and hitting the Lighthouse.”

Cremorne Point lighthouse on a cloudy day - photo by Anton Mills @antonmillsphotos

Living in the inner city made owning a car difficult for Anton, so a few years back he sold his car and became a GoGet member.

“I used to take a taxi to the shops and back because I didn’t want to lose my parking space.”

Good friends cooking up sausages at a campsite“When you move to areas like Darlinghurst or North Sydney there’s just no chance. When I heard about GoGet I downloaded the app and did the math.

“Once I factored in the cost of parking, maintenance, and the upkeep of the car – it was a no brainer. Really, GoGet works perfectly for me.”

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But more than being an alternative to car ownership, GoGet is an enabler of Anton’s passion for photography.

“Lot of the times the best photography is when conditions aren’t perfect, with the sky crazy colours, adding depth and atmosphere.”

“These are the shots I mostly use GoGet for. They’re not immediately available to me, and not somewhere I can walk to. But I can pick up a GoGet car to do some exploring, so now I don’t have to own a car for that.

“My star photos are interesting too – it’s only certain days of the month I can get them. The moon has to be right, the Milky Way has to be right, so I just book a car as soon as the conditions are right.”An overhead drone shot of the Newnes campground in NSW, taken by Anton Mills

“GoGet’s been a great help getting these photos in a time when money has become more precious to me. The service works really well and is way more financially viable than owning a car.

“I do genuinely believe in it because it’s put me into a great space and it’s giving me everything I’ve needed. “

You can check out more of Anton’s work on his Instagram – it’s pretty special.


The Milky Way hangs high over a blue GoGet YarisAnton’s Gear:

DJI Mavic Pro (“Of course I bought a drone, it’s all the rage these days”)

Canon 5D Mark IV (“I love the Mark III, but the Mark IV is great”)

Canon EF 24mm-70mm f/2.8 L II USM (“Pretty much my go to lens, just beautiful gear”)