Does your star sign make you a better driver? Instead of asking astrology, GoGet asked the data to find out! The GoGet team crunched the numbers on 1,000,000 trips made by almost 100,000 members in 2017, to figure out which star signs were the least, and most likely to get busted breaking the law.

So which star sign was the best behaved? Libra! 

Librans had the least overall fines per thousand members. While they were the most likely to drive in a bus lane, they were the least likely to speed, which is the most common offence.

So whose driving do you need to worry about? Leo and Pisces had the first and second most fines per thousand members, and they each topped two categories of offences, tying for first (or last). In this data, Leos were around 40% more likely to get busted than Librans.

Should you stop driving based on the results?

No. This research is fun, but the results aren’t academically rigorous, and astrology isn’t a hard science. However, if you find some truth to the results, use it as an excuse to be a better driver! It’s always good to remind ourselves to drive safe.

With that all said, check out the results below – are you true to your star sign? Let us know on Facebook!

GoGet Zodiac – Zodiac Personality

We know the first thing you’ll want to do it look up your sign, so we’ve put together our own wheel chart! Have a look and see if what we found matches up with how good you think your driving is. But always remember to drive safe!

Click the image for a bigger version.


GoGet Zodiac – Ranking of Driving By Star Sign

But overall, who’s the best and who’s the worst? Just like a single exam doesn’t represent the total worth of a student, we don’t really think people’s driving ability can be judged by their star sign alone. That being said, here are the rankings we found during our research period, ranked by the number of total fines per thousand drivers.

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GoGet Car Share Zodiac - an infographic list of the star signs who were more likely to be busted with a traffic fine

GoGet Zodiac – Best and Worst by Infringement Type

Here’s a extra chart to give you a little more insight. Here we have the star signs that were the best and worst offenders for each category of traffic infringement. While in the wheel chart above we included what each sign was more or less likely to be fined for, these are the absolute least and most common offenders for each fine type.

  Most Likely Least Likely
Run a red light Pisces Virgo
Let their parking ticket expire Leo Scorpio
Speed Leo Libran
Park in a no stopping zone Taurus Cancer
Park opposite the flow of traffic Sagittarius Taurus
Stop in loading zone Aries Capricorn
Park in a no parking zone Pisces Gemini
Not angle park correctly Cancer Aries
Illegaly drive in a bus lane Libran Taurus