How AFEX uses GoGet Carshare to save money and keep its team on the road

Australian businesses faced with higher transport costs and a competitive environment are turning to car share to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. For GoGet, Australia’s oldest and largest car share service, the trend has meant that more than 25% of its users are businesses choosing them over other transport options, including fleet cars which in some cases have been eliminated entirely. While small to mid-size businesses initially made up the bulk of business users, large, multi-nationals are now doing so.  One prominent example is AFEX, a trusted global payment and risk management solutions specialist, focused primarily on the commercial market. AFEX provides currency conversion and international payment facilities with a client base of over 24,000 worldwide. AFEX member The company, whose Asia Pacific headquarters is in Sydney, began to use car share informally at first in a ground up approach. Members of the sales team, seeking a competitive transport option that met their needs, chose GoGet because it had a number of vehicles easily accessible from their offices and offered them flexibility. When Richard Poulton, Asia Pacific General Manager for AFEX, learned about how his team were using the service he was impressed by the cost savings and realised that the efficiencies and lean approach of car share fit with the client-focused nature of the company. “As a business we are solution seekers and constantly seeking efficiencies in the markets that will serve our clients best,” Poulton said. “It simply makes sense to us to see transport as something that we can use as a service when we need it rather than a fixed cost.  Our team uses car share when and how much we need.  That’s what we pay for and no more.  We are also glad to know that by using GoGet we are supporting substantial sustainability benefits.”