Parking fines are a pain, but the rules are there for a reason. They’re there to make life easier for local residents, as well as to discourage people from driving to popular areas at peak times, which lowers congestion.

For that reason, this article won’t help you try and get out of a parking fine. Prevention is better than a cure, so this article will tell you how to avoid a parking fine in the first place!

A no Parking sign with trees in the back groud - if you think ahead you can avoid a parking fine

1) Avoid a parking fine by planning your trip

The best thing you can do to avoid a parking fine is to think ahead. Do you need to go to that particular beach? Do you need to go at that particular time? As an example, Narrabeen is a much easier beach to park at than Bronte, and both have better parking at 9am than 12noon. If you can change your trip easily, it will make your life much easier.

Can’t avoid the rush? Then be armed with as much information as you can! Better knowledge of the place you’re trying park will make parking easier, which will help avoid parking fines. Whenever you’re in the area, keep an eye out for the parking restrictions for future reference.

If that isn’t an option, ask a friend who knows the area, or do a quick Google search. The only thing better than first-hand knowledge is second-hand knowledge! You could also figure out what parking is available by using Google Street View.

Also – consider using a paid parking garage. Especially in the CBD, this might be the best option. Yes, you’ll be paying a fee, but you’ll avoid the hassle of parking, and definitely avoid a parking fine.

Book Parking Online

Often if you plan ahead and book parking online, you may be able to secure yourself a much cheaper rate than if you were to drive up to a car park and pay the drive-up rates. Also, the benefit of booking online is you can easily extend your parking if you require more time from your phone. 

Share with Oscar is an online platform that works with businesses, car parks and homeowners with spare parking. The platform has hundreds of car parks available across the country. 

Head to the website to book cheap parking within seconds and save up to 60% off standard parking rates, whilst also guaranteeing yourself a parking space ahead of time. 


2) Allow extra time to park

If you’re going somewhere busy, give yourself extra time to park. That means leaving home earlier and taking the time to find a parking spot that will suit your needs, ideally one where you won’t need to move the car. It also might also mean dropping off the rest of your party while one of you finds a spot to leave the car.

If you’re in a rush, all you’ll do is increase your stress level and increase the risk of parking somewhere that doesn’t suit your needs. That means you’re more likely to get a parking fine!

3) Set an alarm to avoid a parking fine

If you have to park in a timed parking spot, set an alarm and make sure you get back before it expires. You might have had the experience of thinking you can risk it another half an hour, only to get fined 5 minutes before you came back – it’s an awful feeling!

Make sure you don’t miss your parking deadline by setting an alarm on your phone for when your parking expires, leaving enough time to get back to the car and move it.

4) Take Public Transport

The easiest way to not get a parking fine is to not park! See if you can get to where you’re going with public transport, like trains or buses. For areas not connected to public transport networks, you might find that catching a taxi or Uber part of the way might be a good option.

You might pay a bit more catching public transport, but you’ll avoid paying for parking, and you’ll save the time you would’ve spent finding a parking spot. You’ll also avoid the risk of having to pay the hundreds of dollars that parking fines can add up to – it’s probably worth it!

Car Share services like GoGet also make parking easier. While you’re still subject to parking restrictions during a booking, you won’t need to worry about a park when you return the car. Most GoGet cars have dedicated parking spots, especially in areas where parking is hard. We’ve heard stories of car owners who take taxis to the supermarket, afraid they’ll lose a parking spot near their house! GoGet solves that problem.

GoGet also helps reduce congestion, by reducing the number of privately owned cars on the road. For every GoGet car in a suburb, around 10 private cars leave that suburb. So by putting GoGet pods in Bondi and St Kilda, less parking needs to be used by local residents, freeing up parking for visitors.

Conclusion – think ahead to avoid parking fines!

Think ahead, leave early, and consider alternative travel options and you’ll never be hit with a parking fine again!

It’s still possible that you’ll get parking fines down the track – but if keeping these rules in mind helps you avoid a parking fine on just one or two occasions, you would already have saved hundreds of dollars! We figure that’s a pretty good investment.